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In Santa Clara Next Week - RonO's Ramblings — LiveJournal

Jan. 6th, 2010 09:28 am In Santa Clara Next Week

If plans hold, I should make my first (of who knows how many) visits to our Santa Clara office next Wednesday and Thursday (Jan 13-14, 2010).

I should arrive at San Jose mid-morning on Wednesday (although it will be a bit of a rush to get to the airport after dropping Derrick off at school -- as long as the traffic south of the I-805 split on I-5 is like that north of there MOST mornings I should be able there on time). I leave Thursday evening.

I don't know how late I'll be working on Wednesday, but hopefully not all night.

I've got a room at one of the Santa Clara Residence Inns (they are just a few blocks apart and are two of the closest approved hotels, and are less expensive then the Embassy Suites by a few dollars a night) for Wednesday night. At the very least, I could use suggestions of a nice, but not too expensive or fattening place to get supper that night.

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