RonO (rono_60103) wrote,

Anime LA (fairly brief)

Last weekend, robot_grrl, Derrick and I headed North to attend Anime LA. While the trip wasn't a complete waste, neither Tara nor I are sure we got good value for our con attending currency (either money or time) -- no offense to any of our friends involved in the event intended.

Last year when we went went (report here), Tara and I had a pretty good time. This year, we ended up spending much of our time hiding in the parent's lounge (where, at one point, it was more the non-anime but still fanish zone) instead.

I think, as can easily happen, much of the problem was a mismatch between us and the programming available. I'd kind of hoped that there might be programming that Derrick would actually be interested in, and perhaps something I'd be interested in. As it turns out, we were the only family members to actually make any programming -- which was an early Saturday karate workshop.

We did commit our share of commerce, both in the dealers' room and the artist alley.

While I completely understand why the con suite was the way it was (which Derrick didn't even after we explained it several times), I did find it a bit spare in comparison to most of the SF Con con suites I'm familiar with. The lack (as near as we could tell) of non-coffee caffeine sources (perhaps there were tea bags, but I'm becoming an anti-lipton tea snob for hot tea in most cases), forced us to contribute to the hotel's vending services bottom line by more than we'd like (it was a better value than the food station in the ballroom area). And, while it was probably better for my waist line, the snack material was also a bit on the thin side most of the times I wondered in.

At this point, unless there is a compelling need (like some future con committee wants us there to sell memberships), I suspect that we may beg off going up there again for Anime LA. (LosCon is a different matter, and I'd like to make Galifrey One some year when we don't have a conflict, or a time or budget shortfall)

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