RonO (rono_60103) wrote,

Busy Week

This has been quite the week in my life.

I've already posted about last weekend (briefly) and my doctor's appointment on Tuesday.

Wednesday morning, after dropping Derrick off at school (a bit early), I headed to the airport to catch a flight to San Jose. This was the first time in a long time I've traveled without checking luggage -- having procured a bag that can carry one day's worth of clean clothing along with my computer. The only slow down was a change in procedure since the last time I carried on my CPAP -- now not only do they have to be pulled out of their bag, but they have to be swabbed. But I still got to my gate reasonably early for the flight.

The flight itself was smooth. After the flight was a bit of a walk since Southwest has moved into what will, I'm pretty sure, eventually be gates for the new "B" terminal at the San Jose airport, but are currently only connected to the "A" terminal. But after a good walk, I got to Avis, got my car and found the office (but the wrong Qualcomm building at first)

Work was good. I got to meet several key people, and actually learned enough to start on a couple of my initial projects.

I did go to the cafeteria for lunch, and tried to get an unseasoned chicken breast for lunch (I'm not sure it was as unseasoned as I'd thought). When I had a break in the afternoon, I did some more research and determined that there are very few safe options for dining out when on a low iodine diet. So, for dinner, I headed to Safeway and got fruit, unsalted nuts and dried fruit (which were combined into a trail mix of sorts) and some oatmeal for breakfast (since even the oatmeal at the provided breakfast would probably be salted, and very likely with iodized salt).

In the evening, I ended up at The Great Mall. I had missed the key fact that it was an outlet mall in the information I found online about it, but it was still a good time killer. However, I did end up at the Crocks outlet where I picked up a couple of pairs of shoes cheaply on a buy-one-get-one-free special. But I also had to find someway to get them home -- so I ended up with a compact shopping bag and a luggage tag for my CPAP (less than ideal, but it works).

Thursday was another good day at work. I did move my return flight earlier, and ended up going to the early boarding fare since I wasn't sure what my number would be otherwise.

After work, I left for the airport, returned my car and made it to the terminal to check my bag. Because of my fare class, I was able to use the priority check in line to drop my one bag, and then use the similar line to get into security faster. (As an aside, San Jose Airport seems to have fixed the tight security arrangements that they had in 2002, so security wasn't quite the hassle it was after ConJose).

Once inside the terminal, I decided that I needed something other than fruit and nuts to eat. So, after talking with Tara and Derrick by phone, I found a restaurant that had a (yet again) grilled chicken sandwich. When I entered, I had 50 minutes before my flight, which should have been plenty of time even with having to cook the chicken! But, the restaurant was very slow (probably short staffed), so by the time I made it back to my gate, they were already boarding the "B" group. Fortunately someone recognized my situation and let me into line. There were still good seats (but I had to wait for the people forward in the aircraft to put their bags away first).

The flight back was smooth, and short due to tail winds. Near San Diego, I was able to recognize where we were, by identifying first the gap in the lights due to Camp Pendleton and then the Oceanside Pier. However, once we turned inland for final approach, I lost track of exactly where we were until I saw downtown.

The after flight was a bit delayed since our bags were put on the wrong carousel, and then the parking shuttle was slow. On the way home I stopped at work briefly to shut down my computer and finish packing the computer related equipment.

Friday was new office day for me. This makes my fourth office, and third building since starting at Qualcomm -- which is not a record from what I've heard. Since it is also my third department, there is some explanation. But this did take me mostly off line for much of yesterday.

But, by the end of the day I was in my new office and mostly settled. The only things I still need to do are get the keyboard tray installed, and get the key picked up (I lost track of the time, I had to leave before I got a chance to recheck with security for my key).

After work on Friday, Tara and Derrick picked me up at work and we headed to the sequential WFC 2011 and ConJecture 2010 meetings. On the way, we stopped at an Islands where I was able to get yet another grilled chicken sandwich (no seasonings) for dinner.

At the WFC portion of the meeting, I confirmed that I'm doing Programming Operations. At the previous meeting we weren't sure the role was needed. So now, I have 14 or so months to recruit a staff and determine the WFC methods of this position (having seen first hand at least one Worldcon's methods, and knowing more or less how it can function at a regional). One of the people I might be able to talk about this with was whoever ran programming operations for last year's WFC in San Jose. I'm thinking that when I'm back in the Bay Area (which I expect to be somewhat soon, and often this year, at least from my initial conversations on my new position) there is a possibility of a face to face. Of course, until I know who this person is, and get in touch with them, I have no way of knowing this.

At the ConJecture meeting, I confirmed that I'm reg, got registration rates (more rates than I'm used to for a local con -- even if nobody would confirm that they actually get value from having more than two or three rates) and some information on who to contact about their existing database (and possibly procedures). I'll follow up on those in the next couple of days.

The meeting did, however, drag down a bit when we got pulled into a discussion of what we could offer as counter proposals since the hotel wants to swap the space we'd use for art show and dealer's room with less optimal space (including a room that 11 years ago was of less than stellar functionality for ConDor in that era -- but might work, as I just now realized -- for con suit if corkage could be waived completely).

Today's plans are to get hair cuts, retrieve my car from the transit center parking lot and do some more shopping to supplement the low-iodine stuff Tara found on Thursday.

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