RonO (rono_60103) wrote,

Bread Adventures

To help with complying with my low-iodine diet, I've been making my own bread. Or at least trying to with a reasonable amount of success.

Last weekend, I tried following a recipe I'd found on The Food Networks website for "Brother's Bread" (from a monastery somewhere). The result was pretty good, but a bit dense. It also got formed into four small loves -- or at least the second batch did. On the first batch, it wasn't balling right on the Kitchen Aid mixer dough hook (which continues to happen), and in the process of trying to do some manual adjustments, I discovered the dough was VERY salty -- the recipe called for one tablespoon of salt, instead of one teaspoon.

So yesterday, I tried a white bread recipe I found on the wiki cookbook. This one came out with a bit better texture, but was a bit bland. robot_grrl suggested I increase the honey and salt. Since the procedure I used (the recipe was written for no tools) seemed backwards from most other techniques I've seen -- It put the flour in the mixer and added the water slowly -- so I reversed it tonight. This was, I'm guessing, a failure. Not all of the flour ended up incorporating into the dough, so the result was horribly sticky. Even after adding a fair amount of flour during the final kneading. In fact it was so sticky, that it stuck very hard to the jelly roll pan I used to proof and bake it. I ended up cutting off the bottom in order to get it off.

I think I have enough bread to last me through the week (even with the increase in bread consumption brought on by having fresh bread in the house). But if I do more baking next weekend, I'll probably stick with the current recipe, but go back to putting the flour in the mixer first and adding the water later.

I'll also have to remember to not bake wearing black.


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