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No Aussicon for us

Even though as recently as a couple of days ago, robot_grrl and I were still planning on going to Australia for Aussicon, some recent financial issues and other issues have made us realize that we will be unable to afford the trip this year unless we decided to not even think of getting a house this year (and possibly not even then)

I've notified two of the groups that we'd agreed to help with at Aussicon that we won't make it.

I'm quite disappointed with this, and I'm sure Tara and Derrick are as well.

But, on the bright side, we've freed up some funds that we can use for other needed expenses (like computer replacements). This will also give me a bit more flexibility in taking time off this summer since I don't think we'll want to take any long replacement trips -- but we may take some shorter one that weren't planned. I'm about 99% sure that one of the shorter trips will not, however, be to Raleigh for the NASFiC.

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