RonO (rono_60103) wrote,

New Computer

After a surprising delay -- long enough that I wish I'd waited until robot_grrl and I went to the Apple store and learned that my corporate discount was good there as well as on line -- my new mac mini showed up yesterday.

After a few glitches, I've got it set up and working. The hardest thing was transferring the iTunes data over. Apple only supplies CD/DVD as a way to actually transfer the database and my attempts to follow on-line directions to convert the library's .xml representation and get it to re-ready failed. So, I copied the music over directly -- three times. Only on the third time did I realize that the large number of duplicates were due to files that I'd deleted from iTunes and not from the disk.

I've got to track down my Bryce install disk, and wait for the DVD with all of the downloads I've gotten from DAZ Studios over t he years, before I can do any playing with Daz studio and Bryce. I've also loaded The Gimp, and am debating over getting a book to learn how to use it, or biting the bullet and breaking (nearly) the bank to get a full blown copy of photoshop (and possibly some training). I'm just hoping that having two much faster cores will make rendering graphics much nicer.

At the very least, I can do a lot more at one time without annoying hic-ups in the music. Videos also seem to play much smoother.

As I mentioned once before, I've named this new computer "HeartOfGold." While my only external drive at the moment is named "Time Machine Backups" automatically, I've decided if I get another external drive (or see if I can put a new drive into the enclosure from the dead Terabyte) I'll have to name it "InfiniteImprobability."


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