RonO (rono_60103) wrote,

Not a Low-Stress Couple of Days

The last few days have been trying to see how much stress I can have piled on top of me, but there have been a few not too bad things as well.

Yesterday, robot_grrl and I went to another mortgage broker's office to sign another mortgage application that we thought (until we got there) would take care of the last hic-up on the house. But, we discovered that, almost certainly because of a bunch of small charges from some collection agency for medical expenses that we cannot even start to explain, my median credit score is just below the threshold we need to get a mortgage for any house we'd want. We've got the information we need to track down the origin of these charges and hopefully get them waived very quickly and still save this house.

BUT, we need to make these calls first thing on Monday. Yesterday, I also finally got scheduled for the MRI on my neck -- for Monday morning. So, Tara is hoping to be able to get off early and track this down. In addition, on Monday I need to meet with my boss and HR to see how best to handle my health situation. I've been working from home, but have pretty much worn out my ability to do that. I'll probably be able to do some work in the office this week, around my appointment schedule (Monday, Wednesday and Thursday morning appointments, plus off Friday for ConDor). Hopefully, I'll get the actual radiation treatment the following week, and may look at short term disability to take a week off and then return full time. But I'm a bit worried about this meeting too (and feeling like I'm in trouble even if I'm not)

When we'd scheduled our mortgage appointment, our plan was to get out quickly and get to the nearby theater and finally catch Avatar, taking advantage of the IMAX 3D. But, because of the extra time we took, we missed that showing and had to settle for a regular 3D showing. When we got out, I think I may have been better off. As it was, I was bothered by some of the hand-held camera work (or shots designed to look like hand camera work), so I might well have actually gotten motion sick from the IMAX version (I have with IMAX 3D before).

After that, we went to the Conjecture meeting.

This morning, we headed back to Yuma to get Derrick. The trip out was pretty nice, but we did get a fair amount of rain in the mountains in the Eastern San Diego county, and was its typical, fairly uninteresting drive through Imperial County. Both Tara and I had to work a bit to not keep coming back to the stressful thoughts that we cannot do anything about for a couple of days, so sometimes conversation was a bit hard when one or both of us drifted back towards related subjects.

Once we got to Yuma, Derrick was there which his grandparents, and Tara's grandmother. We met Cracker Barrel, but once again there was nothing on the menu that looked even remotely safe (except for the steaks, which I couldn't eat for other dietary reasons). So, for a lot of the meal, I was out in the car eating my backup food (I just cannot bring myself to bring outside food into a restaurant).

The trip back was also pretty good. We did get some weather on the way back, but not too much. I did detour up CA-67 instead of CA-125 to see how that route runs since it may well be our route once we move. There is a stretch in Lakeside where the road goes down to 1 lane and gets a bit backed up. I also turned on the wrong road (Scrips-Poway Parkway, instead of Poway Road) but was able to get back on track. My final assessment is that it may be better to take the extended CA-52 to CA-67 and not deal with the one-lane stretch at all.

We've also had to deal with Derrick's usual mixed and rapidly changing emotions after leaving his grandparent's which hasn't helped. Plus we're have to be careful what we discuss since we've decided not to get his hopes up about the house until we're 98% sure we've got it.

So, as I said, I'm getting a bit of stress piled up on me (and Tara) right now.


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