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Many Updates

I don't think my life could get much busier. But here are today's updates:

This morning, I returned to the hospital for the second nuclear scan. After another half-an-hour in the scanner, I don't know if it showed anything unexpected. My glance, and what the technician told me, is the scan clearly shows what is left of my thyroid (which looks pretty big) as well as a couple of other places where it wasn't unreasonable to see decay products since Iodine would naturally end up there, namely the kidneys, bladder and possibly the liver.

But, I later got a call from a pharmacy. Apparently, my Endocrinologist had submitted a prescription for an injectable drug that, if I recall correctly, is the drug that will force my body into the correct hormone balance for the I-131 treatment. I have a visit scheduled for next Wednesday, so it sounds like he is getting ready to proceed with the I-131 treatment should we decided to go forward.

Now, I probably would not have gotten this call, except that I started getting a migraine last night. And, unlike a lot of migraines I've gotten, this one did not go away with a night's sleep, so I was still feeling pretty bad this morning and took the whole day off.

One other advantage of taking the day off, is that I was able to be around for the whole home inspection. Actually, I was the first person to arrive, since I left plenty early to look at a couple of businesses and shopping centers near the house.

Once the Realtor got there and let us in, I quickly got started getting the measurements (and realizing that I'd slightly mixed up features in a couple of the houses, but nothing too important). I was also there for the entire home inspection and the pest inspection.

The home inspection showed no major problems. There are a couple of things to keep our eye on, including the fact that the house has at least some aluminum wiring. We did find a plumbing mistake in one bathroom, and a couple of fixable electrical concerns: an outlet in an attic space that is floating on the end of its Romex and has a non-working GCFI and an up-light in the mantle that is not real well installed. Perhaps the most serious issue is that there is a circuit in two of the bedrooms - including the one I'm likely to use as my office - that is not grounded.

We also had the pest inspection, which turned up some dry rot on one of the eves, an area where there is soil directly against an area of wood (with a bit of stucco in between) and evidence of rodents in the garage. We may have to get the first two addressed before we can close.

We'll forward these to the seller, but they've already pretty much said they aren't fixing anything. So, it is possible that we'll have to pay to fix the eves, and do something ourselves to fix the planter (lower the soil level). I may also want to have an electrician look at the outlets, but if that doesn't impact the closing we might do it between closing and actually moving in.

I also got a bit of a look at where there are telephone and network outlets. Unfortunately, I could not locate where any of the cat-5 outlets are terminated (if not in the telco demark) so I may end up running one run of cat-5 to connect the sling box to the network. I'm also debating seeing if I can get a booster or amplifier that would let me use the voip adapter to drive the house wiring, at least to let the Tivo quit griping about not having a phone connection.

With everything else going on, I've not gotten quite as ready for ConDor tomorrow as I'd like. I'm going to have to do my packing in the morning, and still need to put together a sheet of phone numbers for other committee people in case I need to get in touch with them.

As I said, I don't think my life could get much busier. The rate things are going, I suspect that April will be a nice relaxing and boring month - at least once we've actually moved in.


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