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Tomorrow at 2:00 (PDT), I show up at the hospital to go through the typical ton of paperwork for even an outpatient admittance (even though I've filled this same stuff out at least 4 and possibly 5 times in the last year), and then back to get a dose of I(131) totaling somewhere between 100 and 200 milicuries.

For the next five or so days, I'll need to be careful about how and where I use the bathroom, clean out the shower when I'm done, use rubber gloves for shared things like phones, sleep in a separate bed, and probably hardest of all, keep the cat off of my lap.


We've gotten the second appraisal, and we should be good to go. There are some items from the home inspection that we'd planned on taking care of after closing, but now will have to be taken care of by the seller. There are a couple of others that were already taken care of, but someone will have to document. They may fix a couple of the other things I was worried about. I just hope that they don't decided that this is too much work and cancel the sale. (I'm pretty sure that they won't)

On the other hand, the lender is asking for even more paperwork, including an explanation of a number of deposits in Tara's account that correspond to her paychecks, that they already have.

Since it took until a day AFTER our initial closing date for this second appraisal, we don't know when our actual closing will be. Our mortgage broker claims to be sure that it won't slip into next month, which would make a huge diference in how much we have to bring into the closing, since we'd have to pay most of a month's mortgage payment, rather than a few days.

But since she is reasonable sure, we've got the movers scheduled for April 3, which is a Saturday instead of the Friday I'd have preferred. So, we'll have a kid as well as a dog and a cat to avoid tripping over during the move.

(Actually we've got a plan to have the pets at the new house before the move starts, so we'll only have the kid to trip over)


Probably the most stressful is Derrick. He's been having fewer good days, and his bad days are a lot worse. We've got an appointment with a psychologist, but not until after spring break in a couple of weeks. Until then we've got to try our best to deal with escalating temper and other behavior and self-control issues.

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