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Moving Checklist - RonO's Ramblings — LiveJournal

Mar. 25th, 2010 06:26 pm Moving Checklist

Let's see where we are:

  • Arrange for movers - CHECK
  • Start DSL Installation - CHECK
  • Schedule Satellite TV Install - CHECK
  • Pack - In progress (albiet slowly)
  • Get final loan information and closing date - OOPS!
  • ...

Since we didn't get the second appraisal the lender ordered (pretty late in the process if you ask us) in time to get done until yesterday, we lost our original closing date of Monday. We're in the home stretch, but still haven't ordered loan documents (and I'm not sure if that is the last pre-close step for the mortgage broker, or if there is another one). So, we're still hoping that we'll get the documents so that we can close tomorrow or Saturday (but I'm not sure if the title company works on Saturday) so that we at least have the weekend to do stuff at the house before our move a week from Saturday.

I'm also a bit worried if we don't close until Monday or Tuesday, because even though I tried to communicate that we'd be moving on April 3, Speakeasy and AT&T arranged for the DSL pre-install (i.e. the telco's part of the install) for Monday, March 30. It should be OK even if we're not there since the demarcation point is outside, but if we haven't closed, I cannot make sure that the gate is unlocked when they arrive to do the work.

But I'm still being optimistic that this will all work out - at least most of the time.

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