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Weekend Update - Moving and Shaking

I'm not Chevy Chase and neither are you :-)

Saturday April 3: Moving

Saturday was the day of our move from Oceanside to Rancho Bernardo. Things got moving fairly early when I got up, took care of a few things on the computers, got breakfast and got the pets and their paraphernalia loaded into my car. I then drove down to the new house in RB to get the pets sort-of settled.

Things didn't go well. As soon as the dog was out of the car (safely contained in the garage), he decided to either mark the door to the backyard, or relieve himself there. I quickly got his tether secured in the back yard (our back yard is missing a gate or section of fence and would leak dog were he not tethered) and let the dog explore for a while while I set up his kennel. Once he was secure, I removed the cat and set up his temporary home in one of the bathroom. I then headed back to Oceanside (stopping at a Starbucks for some oatmeal).

About ten, the movers arrived and started loading the mostly packed house. I continued to shut down and pack up the computer and network equipment (most of which went into my car). The packing and loading took until about 1:30, with only one casualty.

When the movers were working on our entertainment center, a mover picked up one of the side piers and bumped the center pier - which collapsed. The TV (a 36" Sony Triniton - possibly made just a couple of miles from our new home) fell to the floor, nearly taking out robot_grrl, and rattled when moved - so it was hauled to the curb - actually part way on Saturday and the rest of the way on Sunday. We are expecting that the mover's insurance policy should cover us at least partially for a replacement.

Once the house was loaded into two trucks, we headed to the new home. Actually Tara and Derrick headed out earlier to move the dog into a better place for during the move in. I was supposed to get some pizza on the way, but the Little Ceaser's that my GPS directed me to turned out to be inside the IcePlex, so probably not a useful place to get a couple of cheap pizzas. We ended up having Pizza Hut make a delivery (which arrived after the movers).

The move in went pretty well, only finding two or three other minor casualties - the shades for two or three of our torchare lamps (florescent with plastic shades) which self destructed during the move.

Post move we got settled in a bit, and started getting a few more things assembled.

Sunday April 4: Shaking

On Sunday we got moving fairly early, but decided we'd better skip church - even though it was Easter Sunday, something that we all felt a bit guilty about. We headed over to the nearby Souplantation to get breakfast and then headed back to Oceanside to do some more cleaning of the house and get a few more things out of the fidge. Things weren't too bad, except for a little boy who'd not gotten enough sleep and was at his worst behavior most of the time - bad enough to be grounded through at least tomorrow.

After getting back to the house and unloading the stuff we brought back, we haded out to do a bit of shopping for stuff we need in the new house. We started by heading up to the Lowe's in Escondido, planing on making use of a gift card from my sister for Christmas.

We got much of what we needed at Lowe's and were heading back towards gardening to get a hose before leaving, when Tara started saying to me "Can you feel something." I was trying to get Derrick to catch up with us, and it took until the second or third time she said something for me to realize that she was saying something other than "keep up," when I also started feeling the ground shake (and hearing the store move).

I was willing to stay in the open area where I was, until I saw the employees evacuating. We ended up standing around the parking lot for about half an hour trying to figure out when we could go in, and where the quake was centered. (As you may know, the main quake was a 7.2, shallow, quake centered in northern Mexico).

Once we were allowed back in, we got our cart, our hose, paid for our purchases and headed out. We also stopped by the Home Depot in Carmel Mountain Ranch to see if we could find a few more things (but found less there) and headed home.

We've got a fair amount of additional settling to do - for example I still don't have a desk and cannot set the computers up, and we've got a nearly full garage we'll need to sort through and distribute into the house as needed (not to mention decide where stuff that gets stored will be stored). But things are moving along.


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