RonO (rono_60103) wrote,

Busy Saturday - With Too Much Back and Forth

When we got up this morning, the plan was for me to go up to the rental house, run some laundry (our washer and dryer arrive tomorrow, but we weren't sure until later in the day), do a bit of yard repair, and get the last of stuff from the refrigerator, and a few remaining items out of the house. I was also supposed to pick up my replacement cell phone battery at a Battery Plus two exits down CA-78 from were we get on heading from Oceanside to RB, and pick up some stuff at the Bed Bath and Beyond in San Marcos - further down CA 78.

I left, and headed up to the house. I took the laundry out of the car, walked to the laundry room and started to load the washer. With a front load washer, I often start the washer before loading in any clothes, and I did this morning - only to find the washer not running. Thinking I knew what the problem was, I quickly tried the lights in the laundry room, and they too did not work.

I quickly realized that SDG&E had cut of the electricity - even after I'd both filled out the form online, and called them last Thursday or Friday when they had tried to turn off the electricity before we'd even moved out and told them clearly that we needed the electricity on at the rental house until April 30. I did a quick check at the service panel (which is outside) and found the main braker opened, and closed it - in case a neighbor hood had turned it off as a joke, but no luck.

So, I instead threw out the contents of the fridge - except for a few things that weren't likely to have been badly effected by the loss of cold (some nuts and things, a packet of crumpets that had been frozen, and similar). In addition to a lot of our condiments, our salad dressing, and some other items, I also had to throw out 4 nearly full or full containers of Bueno frozen chili. These were a nearly unprecedented score about a year ago at a Ralph's in Oceanside, since I've never before (or since) seen them outside of New Mexico in a store, so I'm very upset by the loss of these.

I then packed the rest of the stuff from the fridge, and most of the rest of the stuff in the house, and headed out earlier than expected. My plan when leaving was to get the battery (first stop, two exits down CA-78), then stop at Bed Bath and Beyond (about 10 miles further down CA-78) and then head home, probably grabbing some lunch since it was now noon. But, by the time I got on the freeway, I'd forgotten about the battery, and didn't get off until I'd gotten close to where Tara had told me the Bed Bath and Beyond was. But, she'd told me that it was one exit EAST (further down the road) from the Lowe's (CA-78 and San Marcos Blvd. if you want to check a map). But, before I got to the exit for Lowe's, I saw the Bed Bath and Beyond - one exit WEST.

By the time I got near where I got off CA-78, I'd decided to grab lunch at the Panera Bread near the Lowe's. So, I stuck to that plan, then doubled back to the Bed Bath and Beyond. While pulling into the parking space - the second really good space in a row I'd gotten - I realized that I hadn't gotten the battery. So after Bed Bath and Beyond, and a stop at an ATM for more cash, I started back West (away from the new house). Part way to the Batteries Plus, I realized that I'd left one set of things in the rental house - things that were a high priority to grab, so I continued to the house grabbed the last set of items, and then went to Batteries Plus.

Batteries Plus turned out the final frustration of the trip. The battery I needed had been back ordered with no definite ship date. So when I got home I went online to T-Mobile and ordered it from them - which I would have done in the first place had I not been unsure about where to ship it a week earlier.

Fortunately, once I got home the rest of the day wasn't too bad. We cleared the garage enough to get the washer and dryer in and installed. (I just realized that we didn't get the really long dryer hose we need to hook up the dryer - our outside vent outlet is on the far side of the garage and the installers won't be able to hook up to it with what they bring with them - so we've got to get some more stuff after Church tomorrow and before the appliance delivery people show up between 2:30 and 4:30)


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