RonO (rono_60103) wrote,

Yet another weekend gone and still the house isn't unpacked

... not that I should really be surprised.

Friday I ended up driving since I had a dermatologist's appointment near the office - or at least fairly near the office if you discount the canyon which makes the only ways between point A and point B to play games with the freeway. So I got an early start on leaving. But by the time I got home, robot_grrl had decided she was too tired to make it to and through the Conjecture meeting, so I went by my self. It was a good meeting, and we're moving forward. We do need to get about another 170 total memberships to make budget, but we've also got 5 months or so to do so.

In my other job as Webmaster, I did (again) brow beat the ConCom about getting me content - which did get stuff from two people.

Saturday was a work day. In the morning Tara worked on unpacking and other stuff in the kitchen and bedroom. I fought with a series of computer problems that plagued the Conjecture reg system (see below) and The Kid goofed off instead of unpacking his bedroom.

As it was getting close to lunchtime, Tara suggested that she could make up some quiche, but first had to confirm the recipe with her mom and ended up on the phone too long. So, instead we headed up to San Marcos to get lunch at Noodels and Company and then look at round kitchen tables along the furniture row. We may have found our table, but have to confirm the size and get the funds available before we get it. Getting more stuff put away in the kitchen and family room (which are part of the same room) will also help. Last we stopped at Lowe's to get a lawn mower so I could mow or small patch of grass - I bought the electric from a brand I know instead of the identically priced push mower from a scissors manufacture or the cheaper one that has gotten bad reviews. We then made a quick stop at Staples to see if they had book covers for The Kid's text books - which they didn't have. We then headed home.

Once home I assembled the mower while The Kid cleared the lawn of land mines (a.k.a. dog droppings). While he really wants to mow the lawn, and I'd like to make it his responsibility, at this point I'm not sure I trust him with something that could cut off his foot. So, I mowed the lawn myself. Doing this, I discovered a small problem. We have a short retaining wall along two sides of the lawn, which actually cuts off a corner (think "punch card shape, but upside down since the cut is on the left side). But I don't think that the cutting surface for the mower can get into the corners, and doesn't do well along the sides either. So I'm going to have to dig out the string trimmer and one of the adults will have to trim the edges. But, at least its mowed - and its not like the Wheaton or Bartlett houses where the lawn took (or would have taken) me several hours with the gas push mower).

Saturday evening we had our quiche and then Tara and I watched some TV.

This morning (Sunday), we all headed back to the church we liked last week - which I was a member of in 1998 and 1999, and has only grown. We parked at one of the remote lots, and caught a ride on the shuttle - which is made up of people's cars, and got there plenty early. We talked to the host at the Welcome Center again, and she led us downstairs to the area where the Middle School kids meet on Sunday. She then introduced The Kid to her son, who is the same age and about twice as tall, who took on the task of introducing him around. We were also informed that there are skate ramps in the room, and kids are allowed to skate (before and after lessons) if they bring their board, helmet and permission. We'd also require The Kid to bring his pads.

Tara and I then went upstairs for the service. I was a bit worried when they did a baptism - of both a mother and her infant daughter - since I know Tara has mostly been in churches that practice adult immersion baptism, but following the Presbyterian tradition, this church practices both infant and adult baptism and most of the time without immersion. The sermon, one of a series, was on "Jesus and Reality Television," but touched on the parabels that Jesus taught, mentioning on how they did many of the same things - but with a higher purpose - as reality TV. This dovetailed nicely with the sermons from Wheaton Bible Church I've been listening to as podcasts recently - since their current series is on the parabels.

After church, I led the family to lunch and Ralph's for groceries. Tara thinks that this Ralph's, which is further from the house actually is bigger and has a better selection, so may do much of our shopping there. We then headed home. I ran out for a hair cut, and we've been a bit slower since. Tara and I did get our headboard assembled for the first time in nearly two years, so yet another thing has come together.

Now I'm looking out at not typical April weather for inland San Diego - cloudy and windy. I think another El Niño storm is on the way.

Friday night, I discovered that something has killed my Tomcat installation's ability to access any of its databases. After poking around a fair amount, I've only managed to kill Tomcat completely. Unless I can solve this, I'm a bit limited in what I can do to the Conjecture database since there are functions in the program (which I wrote for DucKon originally) that only exist in the web/Tomcat interface.

But, things didn't end there. I was also trying to get the non-web version running on my new Mac, but discovered that the current Mac version of Eclipse - which I use to edit Java most of the time, and often use even for running it, is buggy.

By Saturday morning I'd at least figured out a work around to the Eclipse problem - do the work on my windows laptop (I could use my windows tower instead, but would have to finish setting it up) and then see if I could run the compiled program on the mac. With only a few glitches, I got that working and now can at least do what I need if I do a few other things directly in the database.

One other thing I discovered is that mySql claims that they want you to use a new tool instead of the query browser which I use extensively at work. (I discovered this when I looked to see if there was a version of that for the mac). So I downloaded their replacement. It seems to work well - maybe better - for schema updates. But it has no facility to directly run queries. So - having forgotten that I have phpMyAdmin on my system - I did my DB work directly at the command line instead.

On an unrelated computer front, I also tried to upgrade the firmware in my new (802.11n) wireless router. Instead I turned it into an RMA case. At least they are going to RMA it and I'll get a new one. But for now, I'm back to using two boxes and only have an 802.11b network (less speed and range).


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