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As part of my current graduate course (CSCE 8316 -- User Interface Design, through SMU), I have to complete a homework assignment that is due tomorow (March 16, 2006). In order to complete that assignment I have to ask a couple of other people some questions about ATM machines.

Therefore, the first couple of people who can respond with answers to the questions behind the cut, will receive my thanks and temporal gratitude.

Thank You in advance

•	How much money are you allowed to take out?
•	If you took this out and then went to another machine and tried to withdraw the same amount, what would happen?
•	What is on your card?
•	How is the information used?
•	What happens when you enter the wrong number?
•	What are there pauses between the steps of a transaction?
•	How long are they?  What happens if you type ahead during the pauses?
•	What happens to the card in the machine?
•	Why does it stay inside the machine?
•	Do you count the money?  Why?
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