RonO (rono_60103) wrote,

Another Weekend Come and Gone

Suddenly it is again Sunday, and another weekend has gone past. But we got a decent amount done.

On Friday, we had tickets to the evening performance of The Music Man at our church. Every year, at least for the last 12 years, the youth (mostly) have put on a musical. This year because of the size of the cast, some of the smaller roles were taken by adults, however.

We'd have gone to the Saturday early matinée, but The Kid had an orthodontist's appointment about the time the matinée would have started, and because of the other plans. This meant that The Kid missed a lot of the first act and most or all of the second due to dozing off. robot_grrl and I both enjoyed it.

There were a couple of technical glitches. The biggest one was that we could not hear the lyrics sung by either the actor playing Harold Hill or the actor playing Marcelus. We also had a bit of trouble seeing because we had one of the supports for the lights between us and center stage, where a lot of the action was blocked.

The other odd thing I noticed about this production - at least compared to the movie versions, but I don't recall this from seeing it on stage at The Mariott Lincolnshire Theater - Harold Hill hardly ever actually sung. Most of the actual singing in both "Seventy-six Trombones" and "Marian the Librarian" were taken by the chorus instead of Hill. Also, late in the show when he reprises "Goodnight my Someone" he quit singing for many of his lines.

Yesterday, Tara got up early and headed up to Oceanside and the rental house to meet the team that was going to do the post-move clean out and then shampoo the carpets - a two for one deal of sorts. I stayed at home until it was time to The Kid to his appointment. We had plenty of time to get some things done before leaving, so I got some laundry on and hung his shower curtain.

We then headed up to his appointment. I actually went into the wrong entrance at the office - which is one of a large chain of group dental practices - without realizing we were in the dental office instead of the orthodontist's office, and got him checked in without any comments. I was listening to a book so didn't realize how long had he'd been back until someone came out and told me that he had no cavities and his teeth were getting polished. However, when I explained my mistake, they sent me over to the other side (they are connected in back) and we were able to get him for his braces as well. There he got good news - in four weeks they are coming off.

After that, we headed up to the house but quickly determined Tara's original plan of grabbing lunch at Sonic and seeing a movie wasn't going to work since we were late, and the cleaners were going to be done before the movie would be out. I also still had some stuff to do in the yard. So we instead headed to IHOP and had some lunch.

After lunch, I filled the gopher and dog holes in the lawn and then headed to Lowe's to get some grass seed and some line-levels for a couple of projects in the new house. After I got back, I seeded the lawn and, after fighting a bit with the sprinkler controller, got the seed watered in. We then headed over to the movie theater where I got tickets to How to Train Your Dragon while Tara didn't get her oil change. We all enjoyed the movie, and then headed home.

This morning, I'd originally considered having us go to church at 8:30 so The Kid could try to join a small group and the adults could find an adult class. But we were all too tired, so we slept past. By then I'd managed to tell myself our regular service was at 10:30, not 10:00. This mistake persisted until about 10:15 when suddenly I realized that 8:30, 10:30 and 11:30 didn't make sense for service times - especially with the need to, normally, reset the sanctuary from contemporary to traditional services (something I *know* how long takes from many personal experiences). So we missed church.

After doing a few things around the house we headed to Souplantaion (known as Sweet Tomatoes for those not in California) for lunch. There I made my second mistake of the day. Tara had me looking for the "one lunch free" coupon. But, not knowing or remembering its existence, gave her instead the "$7.49 lunch" coupon. Unless it expires, we'll have opertunity to use it next month since nearly every week looks like they have good stuff.

We then headed over to Target to pick up a few things and then headed home.

After we got home, we headed over to the HOA's community center/club and finally got our memberships so that we can now use the facilities - most often probably the pool. However, we did discuss that we might make some additions, or at least offer some additions, to the honor library as we're unpacking.

Then, the projects of the day began. First up was the hanging rod in the hall closet. This went fairly smoothly until both supports were in and I went to put in the rod. The rod - even after having been re-trimmed a couple of weeks ago - is too long to actually let me slide it into the holders. (But I may have just thought of a work around to avoid having to trim it some more - basically do what I did to position one side, but with the wall anchors in place).

Then was the shower curtain rod for the master bathroom. This was a bit more of a challenge. First, it went in higher than I expected, so I had to move the first hole template I'd put up and leveled. Then, I got a first-hand lesson in how hard it is to drill into tile. The drill kept wandering. But I eventually got the holes drilled - but only after moving the first bracket a bit from where I'd intended. I am wondering, however, if I'd actually had or been able to find masking tape instead of blue painter's tape with its smoother non-sticky side, if it would have been a bit easier. I was also able to determine that the wall tiles in the two recently redone bathrooms are terracotta, and clearly aren't the same marble as is on the floors. The dust that came out when drilling them was a terracotta to brick red, not the same color as the surface.

For me, this was followed by a quick trip back to the clubhouse to get the paperwork I'd left there (and didn't actually need to bring) and then to Bed Bath and Beyond for more shower curtain hooks.

The final drama of the day was remote and through Facebook. Apparently my older nephew disappeared for a while, but was found not too long ago by the cops, and everyone seems to be relieved. I'm sure I'll get more details later.

So, here it is Sunday evening and the house is still not together - but is slowly getting there. We should never have to go back up to the rental house (unless the rental company wants us there for a walk-through). Tara will call them tomorrow and let them know we are ready for a preliminary inspection which may give us a chance to fix some issue before we actually return the keys, which may increase our deposit. I just hope we don't end up with the mirror of what happened to us as landlords with the deposit - we could use the money.


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