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Free Comic Book Day Worked... - RonO's Ramblings — LiveJournal

May. 1st, 2010 05:00 pm Free Comic Book Day Worked...

for the Play it Again Sports next door to the comic shop.

Yesterday, and again this morning, I got reminders that today was free comic book day. So, while we were running some other errands, we ran down to the nearest participating shop in Mira Mesa (or perhaps Scripps Ranch). After looking around and picking up our free comics, The Kid noticed that the Play it Again Sports had bikes out front.

So we took a quick look and identified one that looked about the right size and in good shape. So we went inside and had them take it from the cable locking the bikes down. It was the right size, and is probably as good or better of a bike than mine - except for the fact that is has a 20" frame, making it The Kid's size. The guy selling it to us said it probably retailed for over $250.00, so at $100.00 we got it for less than half price (and less than a lot of fairly cheap looking new bikes).

Because we had robot_grrl's car - a Nissian Cube - there wasn't room to bring it home. So in a few days I'll have to run down there and pick it up in my car.

Now I'll have to get my bike down and try riding up and down the hills here so that I can work with getting The Kid used to shifting a 21 speed bike. I also have to make sure he learns how to use hand brakes - his previous bikes had coaster bikes.

I've also got to find the bike lock, or get some new ones, so that the bikes can be locked up.

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