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Moderate Unpacking Victory - RonO's Ramblings — LiveJournal

May. 2nd, 2010 08:43 am Moderate Unpacking Victory

After a month of living in this house, we finally have our full entertainment center set back up.

It took a bit longer than in the past because of the accident during the move. In that process we lost one of the cross-brace pieces and the screws for both of them. Some of the shelves also got their brackets bent and knocked loose.

So, yesterday I managed to get replacement screws but could not find screen door turnbuckles to replace the cross-brace. However, we finally decided to trust that the drawer unit would provide enough cross-support for that pier and assembled the rest of the unit.

Once assembled, we were able to, mostly, unpack and assemble the entertainment system - more fully than we had in Oceanside. However, because we're still on a temporary TV (I'm hoping the budget will cover curtains and TVs in the next week or so) this is a temporary setup.

{Once we get a new TV I'll have to do some serious adjustment in the electronic plumbing since the receiver that currently does the switching doesn't do HDMI so the TV will have to switch much of the video signal and the receiver will just handle the SD video switching. But that is down the road at least a bit.}

But, for now things seem a bit more settled.

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