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No Part 2 to Electric Work (yet) - RonO's Ramblings — LiveJournal

May. 8th, 2010 08:01 pm No Part 2 to Electric Work (yet)

Before embarking on either of the other electrical projects, I decided to tackle the new gas grill that arrived yesterday - for free thanks to robot_grrl's credit card points. We also worked on like to get her driver's license and the registrations for both cars updated - we succeeded in, maybe, getting her license changed. In the process we discovered we couldn't locate her registration. On top of that we thought we needed to be down in Claremont Mesa at 2:30 for a meeting (which turned out to be at 1:00).

So, I started on the grill, later than I realized. After just a few of the 15 assembly steps, I was getting hungry and it was noon. So we headed off to get gas, lunch and visit AAA on the way to my meeting and the not-coincidently adjacent Mysterious Galaxy birthday party.

Gas wasn't too bad - except for the crowd at one of the few gas stations still under $3.00 around here. But we got a car was which added time. Then we grabbed lunch and headed for AAA. I managed to mix up Saber Springs Parkway (where the AAA office is) and Scrips-Poway Parkway, so we took the wrong exit and had to double back. But we got the vehicle stuff straight and headed out to my meeting.

As it turned out there was some confusion and the meeting, that I arrived at about 2:30 for, had started at 1:00. But I was able to get caught up while the rest of the family visited with friends and did other stuff at the party - including patronizing the sponsoring/celebrating business. After the meeting broke up, we made a brief pass through Games Empire and headed home.

Once home I finished assembling the grill, and ate dinner.

We'll see if I get to the electrical work tomorrow after church and lunch, or not.

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