RonO (rono_60103) wrote,

Weekend Update

This was a fairly busy weekend - especially for an "empty" weekend.

On Saturday, the morning was spent cleaning and putting stuff away. I also had to mow the lawn. I did do some poking online and had my mouse die in my hand, which added to the to do list for later in the day.

At lunch, we headed out on a kind of zig-zag trip. First we headed to the nearby Wahoo Tacos were we made use of a buy-one-get-one-free coupon for lunch. After our fairly large lunch we headed in nearly the other direction so I could get an oil change - which took longer than it should have because I got forgotten about after they got my car into the bay. We then dropped some stuff at the post office, hit up Best Buy for a new mouse, and then hit up a nursery so robot_grrl could get some good gloves, we could look at some pots or similar for display. We ended up also getting a lawn rake to do some redistribution of lawn clippings.

After we got home, we did some yard work and some more work in the house.

Not too bad, or interesting.

On Sunday, we started out by trying a different church. The one we've been attending, which was the church I was a member of in 1998 and 1999 just wasn't quite cutting it. The sermon style was not what Tara grew up with, nor what I've gotten used to over much of the last ten years. Tara had some other problems with the service and sermon content. Perhaps the final straw, at least for Tara, was when this church hit the news this week - and for not good reasons (even if my past experience leads me to suspect that the church may not have been as wrong as it looks).

Unfortunately, while the service wasn't bad, the church itself wasn't very welcoming - there was no place for new people to meet people, and nobody tried to introduce themselves.

After church, we headed home - one nice thing about this church would have been that it is really close to the house - a bit over a mile away according to Google Maps - and had lunch. After lunch we did a bit of on-line stuff and then headed for the ConDor meeting. I bowed out fairly early and we headed for Ikea to get some more bookshelves.

We found what we needed at Ikea, got checked out and started to load my car. That was when I discovered that we needed to put the front passenger seat down in order to get the stuff home - leaving one of the adults without a seat. At first our plan was for Tara to drive home and then head back and get me. But while she was on here way, and I was debating about killing the hour or so before she could get back, I realized that I could catch the trolley almost behind Ikea and then catch a bus to the transit center I use on weekdays. So I called Tara and let her know that I'd be able to get at least that far.

The trolley ride was nice and I got to the Fashion Valley transit center - adjacent to the Fashion Valley Mall - I determined I had about 20 minutes before the bus. So I walked quickly over to the food court and grabbed some dinner and still caught the bus. The bus ride was a bit of an adventure. When the bus arrived it was already full from its shorter run between downtown and Fashion Valley, and a lot of people got on there. I had to stand for first forty minutes of an hour-plus bus ride. But at least it got me to the transit center. By the time I got there, Tara had just laid down for a nap before her midnight shift - so I walked the last mile or mile-and-a-half home. All in all, the trip home wasn't bad. The only draw back is that my car is still full of bookcases.


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