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Quick Trip to the Beach - RonO's Ramblings

Jun. 5th, 2010 12:21 pm Quick Trip to the Beach

Since The Kid is heading to spend the summer with my in-laws next Sunday – we couldn’t do Saturday since my MIL has a conflict that would prevent her getting him at the airport – today was his last opportunity to get to the beach until August – and he’s been bugging us to go back since we first hit the beach just after moving here in 2008.

Since Tara had work she wanted to do, and doesn’t like sand in her toes, she let the men make the trip, and stayed home.  Before leaving I dug up a surf report and found what I’d been dreading: a high probability of rip currents.  Since I don’t trust The Kid’s swimming ability, nor my rescue ability, and didn’t want to take unnecessary risks, I adjusted my plans a bit.

Originally, I’d determined that Torrey Pines State Beach is the closest, at least driving distance (Cardiff State Beach is closer as the crow flys, but the roads don’t follow the crow’s course).  But it, and Cardiff, are along a fairly long stretch of open coast where, I believe, rip currents are somewhat likely even at the best of times.  So, I went with Plan B – one of the beaches at Mission Bay.  After a quick google search, I determined that DeAnza cove was the closest that has year-round lifeguards.  After a quick 25-30 minute drive (more on that later), we got to the cove, found a spot on the empty beach near the lifeguards and headed into the water.

After about an hour, we decided we were ready to head home, cleaned off our feet, and headed back.

{As we were heading back, I called Tara who commented on driving a long ways just to spend an hour at the beach.  I realized that growing up in Albuquerque, especially in the far north valley, I grew up with the idea of driving 20 to 30 minutes to do anything, so the drive didn’t phase me at al.  Her having grown up in Rockford where things are much closer – even living in an area that has a similar relationship with much of Rockford as Alameda does with Albuquerque – so that was a long drive for a quick dip.}

When The Kid is back in August, we may try again.  If the rip currents aren’t bad, we’ll do Torrey Pines or Cardiff.  If they are, Mission Bay isn’t that much further.

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