RonO (rono_60103) wrote,

Lazy Sunday

Today was a pretty lazy Sunday – but that is what Sunday’s are for, right?

After church and a brief stop at home, we headed for the RB Alive! street fair.  It was fairly busy, but we did pick up some cards and brochures that we might make use of.  The most likely sooner rather than later one is the solar powered attic fans made (or at least sold) by the same company as the solar tube skylights.  Our attic, which shares a wall with The Kid’s bedroom and The Robot Room (a.k.a. Tara’s office), faces a bit west of south, so gets quite hot, and the “spinny” vent on top just doesn’t do much.  We also got a card from someone who does screens, including the solar screens that would be just about perfect for the more or less west side of the house.

We also got lunch.  Tara and The Kid got street tacos with mixed fillings.  I got, probably a bit too much, barbecue (ribs and chicken) from a guy who does catering.  When I was waiting for my food, I looked at his menu board which also had his background.  Somehow I suspect that he didn’t learn to cook barbecue while serving as a navy cook – as far as I know there isn’t room for a smoker on a ship.

After we got home, I went out for a walk.  Deciding that I didn’t want to walk the neighborhood streets, I drove up to the parking lot for one of the access trails to Lake Hodges, and took a walk along the lake, eventually catching a trail back towards the Rancho Bernardo Community Park (which took a bit of scramble to get back to where my car was).  I did notice a few burned trees along the walk.

On the way home, I decided to drive around the neighborhood a bit.  On this drive I also noticed one home that both looked quite new, and was not following any of the common floor plans of most of the houses in the neighborhood.  So, it is pretty clear that, while somewhat covered up, this area still has evidence of the 2008 wildfires.

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