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Last Day as a Full Family – For A Couple of Months

Tomorrow, Tara and I get to skip church to take The Kid to the airport so that he can fly to Chicago where Tara’s mom (and probably dad) will take him to Rockford for an 8 week (less one day) visit.

In addition to the concerns about being separated for this long – which can be stressful, even for a kid who is also anxious to spend time with his grandparents – this is also his first time flying alone.  At least the airline we are flying with supports the idea of a kid who is, chronologically, as old as he is flying as an unaccompanied minor, and they don’t have a problem doing that when he’s flying on my frequent flyer miles – the miles I’d been saving for upgrades to Australia, but didn’t want to waste or risk loosing after we canceled our plans.

But today, we have to get him ready to travel, on top of a lot of normal weekend stuff (lawn, shopping, laundry, etc.), so it will be a bit of a busy day.  Hopefully, we won’t be having too much conflict and stress getting this done.

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