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RonO's Ramblings

Jun. 12th, 2010 02:52 pm Failed my Save vs. Costco Deal, Plus The Kid’s Check-in

First, the family hit up Costco for our semi-weekly (or so it seems a the moment) produce et. al. restocking.  While we were there, I looked over the Blue Ray players (I know they all have a level of annoying or evil DRM, but so does anything touched by the big music and movie companies these days), and found one from a good brand that was less than any I’ve been glancing at, so I picked it up while Tara got the rest.  (Now, however, I’ve got to find a small, inexpensive, router so the drop I just pushed through the wall from my office can serve both the Blue Ray and the DirecTV DVR installed yesterday)

Unfortunately, this caused a bit of a glitch.  After the checker used the hand-held scanner to scan the player, she moved it to the other end of the desk, and the scanner read a different bar code.  Thus it rang up twice, and I only noticed after she’d processed my check.  So a manager had to void out my transaction once Tara’s was done.  Then, in the confusion over this, she missed the case of Diet Pepsi (cheap enough to put up with over the preferred Coke Zero for a bit) on the bottom of the cart.  So this was spotted when we went to leave – which is what the door checkers are for.  So the same manager who had to deal with my transaction had to come back to get Tara to pay for the pop.

Finally, when I got home I went to check The Kid in for his flight tomorrow, only to discover that as an unaccompanied minor, we cannot pre-board him – which I should have realized since we’d still have to pay for the special services and turn in the paperwork at the check-in desk.


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