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RonO's Ramblings

Jun. 14th, 2010 08:49 am Not Quite A Brit-TV-SF OD

Yesterday morning, we took The Kid to the airport so he could fly to Chicago and spend 8 weeks this summer in Rockford with his grandparents.

Getting going was a little rough since he’d not had enough sleep the last two nights (too anxious about going, at least in part) and so was acting his worst.  But after a slight delay to locate a missing retainer case (which turned out to be in the wrong pocket of his backpack) we headed to the airport.  On the way, I gave Tara approximate directions from our new house to the airport.

We found parking quickly, and headed in.  Tara took care of getting him checked in as an unaccompanied minor, and they headed to the gate while I waited outside of security listening to my book on iPod.  After about ninety minutes, Tara came back out, and we headed out from the airport.

One the way home, I suggested we stop for a bit at Fashion Valley, where we got lunch, browsed (including Tara playing with an iPad, and me playing with one for a bit – but still thinking I’d probably find a Nook or Kindle more useful in the long run).  We then got some things we needed at The Container Store and headed home.

After dropping Tara off at home so she could try (and, apparently more fail than succeed) to take a nap, I ran up to Fry’s to get another hub – this one to allow me to have only one cat-5 cable from my office to the family room and still connect both the Blue-Ray player and the DVR to the network.  I also got a power strip and an inexpensive Blue-Ray disk (Over California, a pioneering HDTV program from NHK Tokyo and KCTS Seattle).

When I got home, I installed the new equipment and settled down to both confirm that they were hooked up, and to do some playing – which consisted of viewing stuff.

In addition to being able to play DVD and Blue-Ray disks, our new player can connect to the network and stream video from Youtube, Netflix and Amazon.com’s video store (formerly known as uBox).  So in the course of my playing, I managed to watch:

  • The first episode of Red Dwarf (“The End”) from Netfix
  • The aforementioned Over California
  • All or parts of three episodes of Dr. Who (“The Three Doctors” episodes 1-3).  I quit watching because Amazon.com started having bandwidth problems.
  • The first two parts to The Hitchhiker’s Guide To the Galaxy.

In all of this, I managed to forget that The Tony Awards were on.  But, the DVR recorded it, so I can skip to the performances and some of the major awards (not that I even know what was playing on Broadway this year) and ignore the speeches and stuff that is only here because CBS wants it for ratings (like Green Day performing)

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