RonO (rono_60103) wrote,

Headache, Movie, et. al.

For several years – well since I was in the seventh grade – I’ve been subject to migraines.  Now I don’t get them as often or as bad as many people, and I can usually treat them with over the counter medication, but I still get them.

Up until the last year or so, most of the time I’d get them mid to late in the day, and they’d last no longer than until I got a good nights sleep.  But that seems to have changed.

I think I started getting my current migrane on Monday or Tuesday.  This time I had no aura proceeding any pain, so I thought for two or three days it was my sinuses.  But by yesterday mid-morning, it was clear that I had a migrane.  This one hasn’t been as intense as some in the past, but it has kept lingering, and I’ve still got some semblance of it.

Migrane or not, I did decide that Tara and I should enjoy ourselves.  So, this morning I called her before I left for work and suggested that she could meet me in Mira Mesa at or near one of the restaurants near the movie theater, and we could see Toy Story 3.  She chose Panera – which I was happy with since it is both light and inexpensive (and tomorrow at the fair probably won’t be).

Meeting her was a bit of a challenge - but not as much as taking off early yesterday.  I left work with enough time to take a back-route walk to the farthest bus stop, and still had almost 20 minutes to wait.  I then had to remember to get off at the stop near the theaters – which due to the express nature of the bus is actually the next stop.  Then I had to walk a long block, get into the shopping center and find Tara.

Not too surprisingly, I found her in Barnes and Noble near the SF section.  We then headed over to Panera and then to the movie.

Both for schedule and enjoyment reasons, I paid the extra for the IMAX version – and it was worth it.

The short preceding the movie was both well executed and very creative.  Toy Story 3 was both funny and touching – i.e. like most  Pixar features.

Shortly we are going to have to feed the dog and cat, put ourselves to bed and get to sleep so that we can get up and go to the fair tomorrow.


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