RonO (rono_60103) wrote,

San Diego County Fair – Part One

Today Tara and I headed to the San Diego County Fair (which is bigger than either the DuPage County Fair and Lake County Fair, but smaller than the New Mexico State Fair).  We got there shortly before opening – but not shortly enough so we ended up at the back of the security/entrance queue.

We had a good time, but only saw part of what we’d like.  Today we saw the art – spending a bit of time finding the best photograph – and then the crafts and collection.  We now are absolutely convinced that Tara needs to enter part of her robot collection next year.

After that we split a pork tenderloin (which is an Iowa sandwich, not a Texas sandwich in spite of what the vendor says) and looked at the rocks and the wood craft.  The wood craft also had a people’s choice award, but they were allowing (even encouraging) multiple votes which made it easier.

We also looked through the areas selling junk (and some nice stuff), some of the flower and garden exhibits and got some more food.

We left a bit after 4.

One problem for me is that, really for the first time, my hernia was out (or the intensities were outside of  hernia) and causing a bit of pain.  For much of the day this plagued me, and was worse since I’m leery of taking NSIDs (Advil) this close to surgery – the pre-op nurse on Wednesday was surprised the doctor hadn’t told me to stop already.

We are going to need to go back, which may be fun since the next time we can go (next Saturday) is just a few days after I’ll have abdominal surgery.  So, on our way out we looked at the prices for renting wheelchairs or powered carts.  When we noticed that the cart rental price was $50.00, we decided that I could make a wheelchair work – and if not I could put our bags in it and use it as a walker.  Tara won’t be able to push me and I should be either able to move it or push it without using my abdominal muscles too much.


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