RonO (rono_60103) wrote,

Not Quite My Normal Job

I just spent an hour or so in our lab, hooking up test equipment.

This is a bit out of the box for me since for the last almost 21 years almost any time I’ve had to even step into a lab to do testing, the equipment has been more or less tightly controlled by a team that did most or all of the major set up and, as often as not, didn’t like software people messing too much with the basic infrastructure.

But, that doesn’t appear to be as much the way at my current employer.

This morning, the lab team moved a bunch of equipment from a shared bench in the lab to one that will be dedicated to automated testing using a tool I’m also getting ready to take or supporting (at least in San Diego, and I suspect at a higher level also in Santa Clara).  They set up one piece of tricky hardware, but left the rest in more or less the equivalent location.

So, armed with pictures of the front of the old setup, an almost certainly out of date manual, and a bit of intuition I started moving and setting stuff up.

Between what the manual said, and some memories of 20+ year old discussions with my dad, I guessed that I needed to daisy-chain the GPIB/IEEE-488 cables (which I’m sure my dad would still call “HPIB”), hooked up most of the RF connections, and plugged some USB connections into what I’m 90% sure is the correct PC.

But, there are still a couple of RF connections that I’m not sure where they go – but they are important!  And there is the whole matter of actually getting the system powered back up and start working through some tests to see if it is at least close to the state it was in before it got moved.

I think I also managed to avoid popping my hernia back out, or at least back out too badly, even though I kept moving a fairly heavy RF shielding box between the two benches trying to decide where it actually needed to stay.

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