RonO (rono_60103) wrote,

State of Recovery

Figuring that I might have shown a decent level of recovery in the week since my surgery, I decided to see if I could take a walk today.  Before the surgery and after the move to the bus – which left me with 60-90 minutes each day stuck at work after what would otherwise be the end of my work day – I’d been taking walks at lunch time, and sometimes at the end of the day.

I have 3 or 4 routes that I commonly use, but only one that doesn’t involved a whole lot of hills, the walk along the canyon behind my office.

So, this was the walk I took.  It also has the advantage of being an out and back type walk, so I can turn around anywhere along the route and head back.  I’d kind of hoped to make it at least half-way or further.

But, after about 15 minutes, I realized that if I didn’t turn around, I’d probably be sore and tired.  As it is, I’m defiantly showing some extra tiredness and soreness.

Two things about this occur to me.  First, I’m glad that I had the wheelchair last Saturday at the fair – even if Tara suspects that I strained my abdomen some driving the chair.  But, I’m also worried about this weekend at Westercon where I may find myself wanting to spend some time walking about rather than just sitting.  Of course since I’ve got two different tables where my services may be needed (Chicago in 2012 bid and the Conjecture/ConDor/Anime Conji/San Diego Steam shared table(s)) and panels, I may be able to keep myself from spending too much time walking around.


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