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RonO's Ramblings

Jun. 30th, 2010 09:52 pm Prayer (or at least Good Thoughts) Requests

Just a couple:

First, Tara and I are heading up to Westercon for the weekend.  Since this does entail a bit of a drive (but not too far), we could use prayers for safe travel.  Additionally, we are both a bit sore and moving-challenged - Tara because of a fall at work earlier this week, me because of my hernia surgery last week – so prayers of no problems with loading and unloading the car, nor moving around the hotel, would also be appreciated.

Second, my father is getting hip replacement surgery tomorrow (and I just realized I haven’t called them since just after my surgery – bad son!).  Obviously prayers for this much more serious operation and recovery, and that it actually address his movement problems.

{Given that this is the third member of my family to have a hip joint replaced in the last several years, after my mother and one sister, and the twinges I get occasionally in my left hip, I’ll admit to being somewhat concerned about how long my hip joints will hold out, but I don’t need prayer on that just yet}

Thank You

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