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Westercon Day 3 - RonO's Ramblings — LiveJournal

Jul. 4th, 2010 09:37 am Westercon Day 3

Yesterday was a fairly quiet day at Westercon.  I was mostly on the bid table during the day.  I did get away for a panel on J.R.R. Tolkien and his influence.  I did share one observation on Facebook (and lost a bit of the panel trying to do so from my phone) that followed on my noting that among the authors influenced by Tolkien were Gary Gaygax and Dave Arnson (D&D).  While I didn’t agree with the statement, I felt it was worth sharing.  The statement was “Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings was like a film version of somones D&D game of Tolkien’s work.”

In the evening, after a slow dinner – because the hotel didn’t account for the load of a con and a quincenera, I’m guessing – with a couple of Conjecture (et. al.) people, Tara and I got to the masquerade and enjoyed both the costumes and the “halftime” entertainment by the Bonhoffs (who did repeat some songs from their Friday concert, and stuck to parody songs).  I’ll admit to being amused when listening to “Hotel Dealer’s Floor” to realized that most of the money I spent in the dealer’s room this weekend – at least so far – was on CD’s featuring the Bonhoffs.

After that, I spent time mostly in the San Diego con party (promoting 5 cons over the next 15 months – Conjecture 2010, ConDor n+1, Anime Conji and Gaslight Gathering (name now correct) and the 2011 WFC.  I did spend a bit of time in other parties.

It is possible that there may be news about Conjecture 2011 shortly from m, or there may not – which would result from the conversation I had with the Conjecture 2010/WFC 2011 chair about how Conjecture cannot afford to take 2011 off even with an awful lot of us involved in WFC which would be less than a month later.  (None of what I’m contemplating has been shared other than this post with anyone outside of my family, so I have no idea if it will go much further or not – but I’m sure people can make partially educated guesses)

Today will be more time at the table – and perhaps time as a fly on the wall now that I can say a rumor I’d been stating was 90% confirmed without sharing has been 100% confirmed – but I may not as well.

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