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RonO's Ramblings

Jul. 4th, 2010 04:17 pm WesterChord Day 4

Today was fairly quiet.  Since neither of us got as much sleep as we wanteded or needed, Tara and I got a slow start this morning – although I had enough time to report about yesterday.  We did get down and got the bid table open.  Today was slow for the bid table – we sold only two more pre-supports, both to the same family and shortly before we closed up shop.

I’d considered a panel, but realized that I’d scheduled myself to be on the table before it might end (if it actually ended up a 75 minute panel like the schedule allowed for).  I did do some more browsing – but only ended up actually buying something well after the dealers’ room closed.  I picked up a digital copy of Vixy and Tony’s Thirteen after listening to the tracks through Amazon MP3 – which is also where I got it.  Vixy and Tony will probably get their cut, or close, but I do feel a bit guilty about cutting out the dealer I’d have bought it from if I’d been sure earlier.

We did a fair amount of talking and a bit of SMOFing and have now retired to our room.  We’ll probably venture out for dinner at some point, and may see if we can find out where to see the fireworks from the Rose Bowl for free at the approprate time, but may just turn in instead.

Tomorrow, we drive back to San Diego, bail out the dog and resume normal(ish) life.

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