RonO (rono_60103) wrote,

Travel points meme

Acquired from jrittenhouse:
Furthest south:
  In the Continental US: Central Texas (about half way from Dallas to Houston)
  In the US: About 4 miles North of South Point, HI, where the road passes to 
    the North
  In the World: Melbourne Australia

Furthest North:
  In the US: North of Deception Pass Washington
  In the World: Dundee Scotland

Furthest East (Using the Date Line as the boundary between East and West):
  In the US: Philadelphia, PA
  In the World: Either Sapporo or Tokyo Japan (google maps is in Japanese 
    there, I'm not sure which is further east)

Furthest West:
  In the Continental US: Port Angles Washington (on the Olympic Peninsula)
  In the World: Honolulu, HI

If you use direction of travel as the difference between East and West, the furthest East I've been in Bangalore India and the furthest West is Ayres Rock Australia.
Tags: meme, travel

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