RonO (rono_60103) wrote,

That Was The Week That Was

(Yes, I know that was, or I think that was, the name of a TV show somewhere at some time in the past).

This was a fairly quiet week.  Not much going on during the work week except for work.  I did find myself a bit more tired on walks that I think I should be – I am not up to doing walks that were no problem before my surgery, and others are leaving me noticeably more tired.  But I guess having a slit cut in one’s abdominal  muscles takes longer to heal and more out of one that I’d have expected.

Yesterday we had three things to get done, and a couple of others that were in the should get done category, and we got most of them taken care of.  First, we dropped some old computers and other electronic waste off at a computer donation and electronics recycling event.  This would have been a bit easier had there been a more noticeable sign where we needed to turn off the main road.    All they had was a small stand up on a portable A-Frame, and Tara didn’t even see it until after I’d started to turn.

Next we had to pick The Kid up from the airport.  Since we got there with plenty of time, I had to sit and read, and then wander outside of security, for over an hour while Tara waited for the flight.  But once I got the notice that the plane had landed – I think before it was even posted on the airport’s own signage  (  - I waited and spotted them before they spotted me.

Due to some confusion at both O’Hare, and with my Mother-In-Law – or at least confusion at O’Hare that my Mother-in-law didn’t forcefully and with good information correct – The Kid wasn’t in the system as an unaccompanied minor.  At his chronological age the service is optional, but with him it would have been good to have both ways.  At least and his grandma got escorted to the gate (apparently bypassing security which sounds like a serious problem since I didn’t think ANYONE could bypass security, even security) at O’Hare, and Tara was able to meet him at the gate.  On the other hand, we expected him to get a box lunch paid for $8.00 out of the $100.00 fee, but without him in the system, he didn’t get one.  And, my MIL didn’t pack him a lunch.  I did have some cash for food, but that doesn’t work on most (any) airlines these days, and definitely not UAL.  So, he arrived after a 10:00 CDT to 12:30 PDT flight very hungry.  This problem was solved very easily with a stop at the Rubio’s in Fashion Valley for Fish Tacos – which cannot be found in Rockford Illinois, especially since Long John Silvers has discontinued their pale imitation.

After we got home, I headed up to the Apple Store at the Westfield North County (a.k.a. North County Fair) and retrieved my Mac Mini which had suffered a hard drive failure.  It took a couple of hours for it to restore from backup, but once restored it was mostly back to where it had been when I was last able to get it to boot.

Today after church, we headed down to Khols to get me some belts and The Kid some more school clothes – taking advantage of a weekend-long special which may in part to compensate for the fact that California doesn’t have a Back-To-School tax holiday period.

Later I ran out and got some needed groceries.

This afternoon’s final, and perhaps most trying, task was teaching The Kid to mow the lawn.  With both parents  - me in the yard and Tara outside – working to keep very calm, we had to deal with a kid who wouldn’t listen to my instructions (like don’t keep letting the mower drift to the left) and kept wanting to give up because it was too hard to push.  In the end, I probably mowed or cleaned up about half the lawn.  I still have to do the edges since I don’t trust him at all with the string trimmer.

The Kid has two and a half weeks before school starts (sorry Albuquerque students and teachers), so we have some time to get him really adjusted to Pacific time before then – which may or may not be made a bit harder by his grandparent’s early-bird schedule.  He also has some appointments that were delayed due to his being out of town for most of the summer, so it won’t be a completely lazy time for him.  Of course, Tara and I have to work – and Tara’s got some midnight shifts this coming week and at least one other, I think the week school starts.

It is probably about time to start talking to the Tae Kwon Do school I think will work for us.  We need to find out which classes we should take and whether the afternoon classes are OK for a small-for-his-age, but no longer that small, fourteen-year-old since he cannot be staying up for the evening classes.  We also need to look at what classes I could take.  There is a family class at 6:00 two nights a week, but I often don’t get home if I take the bus until nearly 6:00.  So that may or may not work.  I also may need to hold off for a bit longer if I’m still healing.  Of course if I explain my recent surgery, I’m sure the instructor may let me take some of the ab work ligher for at least a while (I’m 90% sure the National Karate instructors I had in Bartlett would have under the circumstances – again at least for a while).

One other decision that will need to be made before mid-September is if I continue to take the bus or not – at least during the school year.  If it gets too hard for me to catch the bus after dropping The Kid off at school, I’ll have to drive because I don’t want to leave the house much more than the 10 minutes earlier than last year that I’m hoping won’t be too late too often.  Since there is a gap of nearly an hour between buses in the morning – and afternoon – missing the bus would leave me either having to drive, or getting to work and thus leaving, too late.  Of course if I start driving, that would make the 6:00 TKD classes a bit easier to catch for me.  So we’ll see.

OK, I’ve rambled on randomly for too long, so it is time to move onto other things – like installing the OpenOffice upgrade.


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