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Did I Do a Bad Thing – Exposing The Kid to Some of My Favorite SF?

Yesterday, as I mentioned directly in Facebook we visited what I referred to as “The Fanish Money Sink” of businesses located in a couple of centers on Claremont Mesa on each side of I-805 (Frame it Yourself – a fan run framing place, Comikazi, a fabric store on the west side and Mysterious Galaxy and Games Empire on the east side; plus other businesses with attraction to the contents of wallets, especially fanish wallets).

While we were at Mysterious Galaxy, I picked up a copy of the graphic novel collection of the first five issues of the comic book adaptation of Ender’s Game with the intention of having The Kid read them (I think he’d still struggle with a novel that long in print).  So far I’ve read it (fairly quickly as I’m quite familiar with the story) and Tara is reading through it.  The Kid looked at the pictures on the way home, but could tell us next to nothing about what is going on so I know he didn’t actually do much more than that.

After we got home, we spent some time in the garage going through more boxes.  In one of the boxes we came across a bunch of our video tapes (you know those really old versions of BluRay that had to be rewound and had no special features).  Included in  that box were three Doctor Who serials (technically two serials and a special episode).

So I put on “An Unearthly Child” for The Kid to watch after we were done in the garage.  (OK, I watched as well, since I’ve only actually see this episode once before).  In spite of his claims at a couple of points that it was “too intense,” I think he enjoyed it.  At the very least I can follow up by showing him “The Daleks,” “The Five Doctors” (which I didn’t start with since that would be a very confusing introduction) and a couple of other episodes that I can stream through Netfix.  I will probably show him some of the others that will be showing up on DVD over the next while as well.

Tara is a bit worried about the 2005 and beyond episodes (she keeps saying that they are no longer a “kids show,” which I agree with to the point of saying that they are now more of a “family” show with more content for older kids and adults than some of the earlier serials), so I may limit him to the classic run.  I suspect she’s bothered by the slightly less chased nature of the characters in the new show – even though The Doctor is still hands off with his companions, since overall the violence is no more graphic than the classic series – and less than some of the games that he ended up playing outside of our supervision this summer.

But I think that, at least if he doesn’t either ignore the story or get grumpy about us trying to make sure he’s actually paying attention to the story not just “looking at the pictures” in either case, I think he’ll enjoy both series.  I don’t know if they are going to do comic book/graphic novel adaptions of any of the later books in the Ender Universe beyond the three (Ender’s Game, Ender’s Shadow and “The War of Gifts”) that involve kids in Battle School and shortly beyond, so it will be a while before he would be ready for or exposed to the ones with more adult characters.

Even if we can never get him to be the kind of kid who is good at school, I’d be happy if he at least grows up to have things common with his parents.


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