RonO (rono_60103) wrote,

First Day of School

Today was The Kid’s first day at school – well the first day of his first full year in this school, which makes it the first time since 2007 when he’s starting at the same school he finished the previous year at.

Other than a misplaced retainer case – for which he was sure we’d have to spend both significant time and money at the orthodontist’s to replace – the morning was fairly smooth, at least until we got near the school.

His middle school shares a driveway and parking lot (and possibly some other facilities) with the adjacent high school.  It was also the first day for the high school.  And the high school had posted on their electronic sign that schedules would be distributed starting at 6:30.

I am hoping that the horrible traffic was a result of schedule distribution, not some other altering in the school schedules that will make this the normal morning traffic.

When I turned onto the street that both schools officially front onto, traffic was already backed up nearly the whole two-block distance to the school entrance.  The traffic flowed very slowly until I got to the circular drive shared by both schools – with much of the traffic having turned into one parking lot or another at least temporarily.  I was able to drop The Kid off, but at the end of the circular drive traffic slowed again – this time waiting for the light to change to allow for turns back onto the main road.

It took probably 15 to 20 minutes from the turn mentioned above until I was back in free-flowing traffic.  I headed as quickly as possible to the transit center, but as I turned into the road that leads to the transit center and HOV entrance for I-15 I could see the bus heading down the ramp.

Last year I never had any trouble with catching the bus.  But just after school let out the moved the first runs in the morning and afternoon earlier – resulting in a schedule that is in all other ways better for me.  But it makes my mornings much tighter.

As it turns out, due to unexpectedly heavy traffic on CA-56 and I’m guessing lighter than normal traffic on Mira Mesa Road, I saw the bus again as it was leaving the neighborhood with my office in it on its way to the last stop of the route at the UTC transit center.

I’ll monitor the traffic at the school for the next couple of weeks – actually until mid-September – and decide if it is going to be too tight for me to reliably take the bus or not without moving our morning departure even earlier than last year.


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