RonO (rono_60103) wrote,

The Day So Far…

This morning I woke up wondering what time it was, and looked at my bedside clock to read “6:14″ – 44 and 74 minutes after my alarms were supposed to have gone off, and about 26 minutes before I needed to leave.  I quickly realized that I’d disabled my alarms for Friday last week (my alarm clock allows me to arm or disarm the alarms for specific days of the week) and forgot to re-enable them.

So, I quickly yelled up and confirmed that The Kid was out of bed and got dressed – skipping my shower.  But there was one more complication: I hadn’t taken my thyroid pill which I need to take an hour or so before I eat.  This meant I wouldn’t have time to eat before leaving.  This, however, allowed me to stay in our room watching the news and getting ready to go at a bit more relaxed pace – but I did have to skip my shower.  On the other hand this made it so I wasn’t as around to hurry The Kid up with his breakfast.

We did manage to get out the door almost on time (about a minute late).  At least traffic by the school wasn’t as bad as on Wednesday – Tara was off yesterday so I didn’t have to drive him to school.  So, I did get to the transit center with a decent amount of time before catching my bus.

When I got to work, I discovered that all sorts of people had written on my wall.  Of course this was my Facebook wall, so it wasn’t vandalism but greetings in honor of my Birthday.  (Thank you to everyone whose done this so far).

At work, I’ve had a frustratingly quiet day – I’m working with someone in Santa Clara whose supposed to be helping me get a test system working, but he’s doing most of the work where I cannot see and learn.

One of the people in our team is relocating to the Santa Clara office – I gather he will be taking classes part-time at Stanford.  So, since today was his last day in the San Diego office we took him to lunch at the mythical “Building K” – otherwise known as the Karl Strauss Brewing Company at the San Diego Technical Center.  {Qualcomm buildings are lettered, and there is no actual Building K, so the joke has developed over the years.}

I’ve never been to this, or any other Karl Strauss.  So it was a bit of a new experience.  The food was good – and beyond the free samples nobody partook of any of their beer.

But looking around the restaurant, I’m wondering if it was supposed to be a American/German brewpub originally or a Japanese restaurant.  While most of the tech center buildings – which make up a small portion of the Sorrento Mesa business district – are fairly generic mid to high rise  buildings, the restaurant is located in the middle of a very Japanese style garden area (which may also include an exercise facility) and has a number of architectural features that fit that environment.

Well, I need to get back to work – and have waste too much time writing.

Again, thank you everyone for the birthday wishes.


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