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Future Computer Thoughts – Questions

My current linux box that, among other things, hosts (and as of yesterday its alias is probably dying.  At this moment I can no longer get graphics to work (which may be a KVM issue, but I have my doubts –  and haven’t tried a kvm port swap to see if it fixes the problem or not), and has some other issues.  It is a bit long in the tooth and I suspect that a rebuild could give me a lot more horsepower.

One thing I’m considering if I do rebuild it would be to build it differently – on the software side.  Instead of having one physical machine, I’d rebuild it into a fairly lightweight virtual machine host (using an free solution) that then supports separate virtual machines that would serve as the e-mail server – possibly migrating us back off of gmail if I can get our phone integration fixed so that it doesn’t kill the battery and still gives reasonable update frequency – and two web servers and probably a file server for things like home folders (which could also be the host).

However, I’m mostly unsure so far how to pull this off.  The biggest thing is that if I want separate external facing web servers, I need to somehow have separate external identities.  What I’m not sure is if there will be a way to configure a single NIC so that it will receive all of the traffic from multiple static IP addresses (I think I can get three more from my ISP without having to pay more), and then route them to the virtual NICs according to what the destination IP was.  I’m 99% sure that this should be something the virtual host can do – at least with an add-on.  But I would need to configure this.

So my questions for or requests for suggestions from my friends are:

  • How powerful of a computer should I have to do this?  Are 2 cores sufficient, or should I go for 4.
  • What would be the best Virtual Machine host – presumably running on Linux of some flavor – to use.
  • Any suggestions on how to best configure the sites.
  • Any other advice (up to and including “you are insane – just build a new linux box”).


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