RonO (rono_60103) wrote,

An Idea

This morning while my mind was running on idle in the shower, I was struck with an idea, that I am going to share.

A Disclaimer: I have no plans to start to implement this idea.  But if anyone else chooses to, they are free to use it, and blame me if they wish.  I might even help.

The idea was generated when I realized that I haven’t heard of anyone bidding to run the Westercon in 2013.  Knowing that the 2011 Westercon is Westercon 64, and 2012 is Westercon 66, an idea for a bid was born: “Route 66 for 66.”

Of course my brain had to then move to the practical, so I then starting thinking about where such an event could really be held.  After eliminating the places probably too far east for the west coast fen: Flagstaff, Gallup, Grants, Albuquerque, Santa Rosa and Tumcari; too small: Needles, Kingman, Williams, Gallup, Grants, Santa Rosa and Tumcari; or too hot: Barstow, Needles and Kingman; I was left with two obvious choices: San Bernardio or Santa Monica.

Of the two, I figure that San Bernardio is the more logical choice since it is more likely to have facilities that would work and not be overcrowded with the “regular human zoo” on a holiday weekend.

The next choice out of the cities I eliminated would be Albuquerque since they do have an active fandom and clearly have the facilities – albeit most of the ones I’d think of using are not actually that close to the historic Route 66 on either of its routings through the city; but I’m sure someplace somewhat close could be found.  Flagstaff might also work since with a university and a major attraction not too far away I’m sure there would be at least one hotel that would work – but it is a bit hard for non drivers to get to (no major airport – but the Southwest Chief does stop there).

But, as I said, I’m not going to run with this; but will let anyone who both thinks that this is a good idea and has the time, energy, etc. to run with it run it if they desire.


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