RonO (rono_60103) wrote,

Weekend Plans

As has become our (and by extension to 1998 my) tradition as a San Diego county resident, this weekend we are heading up to Los Angles for LosCon tomorrow.

Our plan is to get dinner somewhere along the way – probably from Coco’s, Carrow’s, Denney’s or IHOP – between RB and the LAX Marriott.  But, unlike last year, I won’t be starting out by walking in a 5k – mostly because we don’t want to either drive up to Oceanside, or down to Baloboa Park or Petco Park in the morning and I haven’t found any other option.

But we are mostly focusing on LosCon.  For me much of the weekend will be spent promoting CONjecture 2011 – at least as best I can considering we still don’t have a hotel or dates.  (CONjecture 2012 has hotel dates, but we probably need a 2011 event to ensure success of a 2012 event).  I will both be spending time at the CONjecture table – and may also find myself covering the Chicon 7 and Westercon 65/Conclusion tables since they are also both short staff (and the Chicon rep besides my family may be a bit jet lagged).  I’ve prepared or purchased a number of goodies for the table – so please stop by if you are in the area at least to keep me from eating them all.   I’ve got three kinds of cookies (Oatmeal Pumpkin, Traditional Oatmeal with Chocolate Chips and Dried Cherries, and Traditional Oatmeal with Butterscotch Chips), Trail Mix and probably some other sweets from Tara and the SD Cons.

Then both Friday and Saturday evening, I’ll be helping out with the ConDor/Anime Conji/CONjecture/WFC 2011 parties.  For the Saturday Party, themed “Weird Science” and highlighting the two traditional SF cons, I am responsible for getting the material for our “make and eat”  science experiments (which is all I’m saying right now).

I hope to be able to escape to a panel or two (or other events along the way) and visit some other parties, so I should see any and all of you who are heading that way.


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