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At this point in time my only committed travel or related plans, are that this weekend I’m going up to San Jose for SMOFcon.    Since it was going to be easier to save a day of vacation and still arrive before most of the con got started, I’ll actually be flying up early and working out of the Santa Clara office for the day.  I’ll have a car to get to the office, but will drop it back off at the airport and probably take public transportation (with a suitcase, briefcase or backpack and CPAP in its case) to the hotel and back on Sunday.

But, between wanting to promote CONjecture 2011, and for other personal reasons, there are things that I may and would like to do.  Alas, there are other things that I won’t be able to do due to lack of time, money or other resources.

Due in large part to Tara’s lack of time off at the end of the year, we aren’t going to be able to make a winter visit to New Mexico.  Hopefully Tara’s folks will be able to spend a few days with us, and they will probably take The Kid back to Arizona for a week or so as well during his two week break.  I’ll be off work the last week of the year (avoiding a three day work week where nothing will get done anyway) but Tara will have to work all or part of that week.

The next major fannish event (for some value of fannish) in our easy to moderately easy reach is Anime LA.  While Tara and I enjoyed ourselves when we went in 2009, we enjoyed this year’s event somewhat less – and The Kid who was with us (and actually had a paid membership with me as the “parent in tow”) not much at all.  So, I’m pretty sure that we’ll pass on it.  I can probably count on the Anime Conji promotions to at least provide the exposure that CONjecture will need there.

After that comes Gallifrey One.  If I/we could afford it (or could have afforded it before the hotel sold out) I’d have love to spent the weekend there.  But with ConDor only a few weeks later, we just didn’t have the budget.  However, if I can get a fan table (or get a response from their single depot for electronic text communication) I’d be strongly tempted to head up there for the day on Saturday, and spend some or all of it sitting at the fan table.  (OK, if I could safely get away for some of the talks, I would).  Given that I have the following Monday off might lead me tempted to see if I could find an affordable place to overnight in the area and also go on Sunday.  (A quick check of shows some possibilities…)

Obviously, I’ll be at ConDor as that will need to be CONjecture’s major push with both a fan table and a party.  We’ll probably have some significant presence at Anime Conji and Gaslight Gathering as well, and I’ll be part of it.

Other than that, I don’t know if I’ll get to anything else besides Westercon, ComicCon {yes, I know its a different beast} and Renovation (Worldcon) before CONjecture and WFC next year (and of course LosCon afterwards).

I’d be tempted to try to see if we could fit a visit to Chicago and Rockford in that would coincide with Musecon, but that may be a tight fit between ComicCon and Renovation – resulting in three cons over three or four weekends in two different timezones and three cities – one of which requires air travel to sanely reach.

I will strongly consider getting to one or more of the quarterly Chicon 7 meetings, but that will partially depend on how I can get there within budget.

So, beyond actually getting to Worldcon, and trading Anime LA for Anime Conji and picking up two more local events, next year fannishly speaking looks a lot like this year.

On the other hand, my plans do not call for having any more organs removed or holes in my abdomen repaired, or having to undergo other medical treatments that require weeks of special diets.   So in that respect next year should be less interesting medically speaking.

I don’t know if I’ll be making any business trips up to the Bay Area or not, but am 99% sure I won’t be going anywhere else on business.

But, as I said at the beginning, the only thing really set in stone is this weekend’s trip (by myself) to SMOFcon.


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