RonO (rono_60103) wrote,

Trivia Quiz Idea

Last week – I think while flying back from SMOFcon – I hit upon an idea for a moderately hard trivia quiz.  If I ever were to come up with it, however, I’d have to make sure nobody had access to the internet which would probably make it trivial (no pun intended) to get the right answers.

The quiz would consist of three columns.  The first column would contain the ITIA code – or probably the shortened ITIA 3 letter codes which are more recognizable to most people. The second would have the city or metro area served by the airport.  The third would have the current, or possibly past in some cases, name of the airport stripped of any city information.  The task would be to match the code with both the city and the airport name.

So, for example, three of the answers might be “ORD,” “Chicago,” and “(blank) O’Hare International Airport.”  These would be a matched set.

Obviously there are quite a few easy ones (“JFK,” “New York,” “John F. Kennedy International Airport,” for example).  But I know of some that are pretty darn obscure – which I’m not going to share here in case I ever create such a quiz for use someplace.

Thinking about this, limiting this to well traveled parts of the world might make this easier.  I’m sure that there are several grouping that are quite obscure to most of us that involve places in India, Africa, Asia or parts of the Pacific Ocean.

I might even entertain suggestions for groupings.


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