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Another Thing to Like About San Diego - RonO's Ramblings — LiveJournal

Jan. 13th, 2011 10:18 pm Another Thing to Like About San Diego

At this moment, the most noticeable local college men’s basketball team, The San Diego State Aztecs, are undefeated.  On Saturday they will be taking that undefeated record into The Pit to face The University of New Mexico.  There is a higher than 0% likelihood that The Aztecs will get their first loss of the season to the Lobos.  (And without seeing the odds, but knowing the records of both teams and the reputation The Pit has as a strong home court advantage, I suspect that it is a significant likelihood.)

I am an alumni of New Mexico, and I have a license plate frame that tells the world this – or at least observant people looking at the back of my car.

At other times and places, I’d actually be somewhat worried that if UNM wins, my car could be targeted for vandalism just because of the frame.  But for the most part, San Diego is fairly laid back about its sports teams – and more so about its college sports teams.  So I suspect at the most if anyone sees my frame they may ask me if I saw the game (which I’m debating on doing provided it is on The MTN or another sports network), but won’t be personally mad at me, or my car.

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