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Japan Earthquake - RonO's Ramblings — LiveJournal

Mar. 11th, 2011 06:51 am Japan Earthquake

As many have heard, there was a magnitude 8.9 earthquake in Japan. Prayers go out to the people in Japan, and elsewhere impacted.

The expected tsunami has, or will shortly, hit Hawaii – starting with The Big Island. I’ll have to wait for my mom to know how my extended family there (cousins of hers) in Hawaii have fared.

We’re under a tsunami advisory, but if it hits San Diego it will be at low tide, so the surge won’t be much or any higher than high tide. Both our house, and my office are well above any threat, so we should be OK.

One fun side report, one of our friends reports that the tilt sensors for the tevetron at Firmilab detected the quake, and it probably would have caused a quench had it been in operation. Clearly we are part of one world, and are impacted by events around the world.

Originally published at RonO's Random Ramblings

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