RonO (rono_60103) wrote,

It Was a Weekend

This weekend seemed to be a bit back and forth.  A lot of stuff got accomplished, but not all that I’d have like – and not always in the way I’d have liked.

Friday evening, Tara and I went to a meeting for the World Fantasy committee.  This meeting also included the preparation for mailing the second progress report.  But when we arrived at the scheduled start time, we found that many had arrived earlier and even if most of the work wasn’t done, most of it was claimed.  After the meeting, I also made arrangements for the Conjecture progress report to be folded in preparation for the similar prep event on Saturday.

Yesterday, our original plans had been to head down to a friend’s house where she was selling off a lot of costumes she’d acquired from The Gangs of New York.  This was timed, and planned I’m pretty sure, to help people get costume parts for appropriate wear for Gaslight Gathering in two weeks.  After that we were going to stop off to get lunch and then head out to put together the Conjecture PR mailing.

Also, the neighborhood club was having a egg hunt at 10:00.  The Kid had expressed no interest in going until he got up, when he proceeded to invite a friend and neighbor to join him – and told said friend that it started at 8 instead of 10, causing the friend to have to get up much earlier than he normally would on a Saturday.  I also had to pick up some postal trays and mailing seals.  I left a bit later than I should have, so it was 10:30 before I started heading back.  At which point, I heard that The Kid and his friend were still out hunting – even though Tara had called them back.

So, it was nearly 11 before we left, and the sale was scheduled to start at 11.  So we ended up getting down there about 11:15.  But I lucked out.  When we got parked and got out, all of the dusters were taken – but one got put back because it was too small for the person who had grabbed it first.  So I quickly grabbed it and held on to it while looking for pants.  I found a pair of pants that does fit – but I think I may need to get my weight back down before they are really practical.  (Thanks to my thyroid and my laziness in tracking, my weight is back up in the goal + 25 lbs. range)  I should be able to pair these (or just jeans for now) with my bald mountain moccasins and a shirt that is essentially a copy of a long-sleeved undershirt of the victorian era as the basis of a costume.  In two weeks it may be mostly a western costume, but I can push it towards steampunk over time (as long as steampunk doesn’t die suddenly).

We ended up stopping briefly at the house where Friday’s meeting was held to pick up Tara’s clipboard she left by mistake.

Then we got lunch and headed over to put together the Conjecture PR mailing.  Unfortunately, only one other person besides the three of us and the host showed up.  So the five of us spent nearly six hours – except for the 30 minutes when it was down to 4 so I could get more seals (math failure: 1,800 seals < 1,400 mailers * 2 seals/mailer), and the last 30 minutes when Tara and The Kid headed out – refolding one of the sheets, assembling the two sheet PR, sealing and labeling them.  Now we just have to get them to the post office with someone who can pay for them, and they’ll be on there way.

Once Tara and I got home (she had to drive back to Claremont to pick me up) we ended up watching the Doctor Who premier before turning in.

This morning we debated about getting up by 7:00 for the breakfast and early service – but quickly decided to sleep in.  As it turned out, I slept until after the second service, which we attend on other weeks, started.  But we made the third service OK.  It was very good (as one would expect).

But, Tara’s back was really bothering her.  We briefly debated about going to urgent care instead of church, then going there after getting lunch at Coco’s.  But by then Tara was feeling like she could come home.  But she (and for some of the time I) relaxed before getting to doing some cleaning that we’d wanted to be doing yesterday and earlier today.

With our party now less than 4 weeks away, we need to get a lot still done – and we’re loosing one weekend to Gaslamp Gathering, and Tara’s got 3 weeks of midnight shifts starting on Tuesday.  So we may be really busy this weekend and the weekend after next with cleaning and artwork hanging.



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