RonO (rono_60103) wrote,

Another Poor (Conditioning) Experience on my Bike

This morning, Tara is off work (which is good and bad in its own rights) so she could take The Kid to school.  This allowed me to experiment with riding my bike to the bus station (Rancho Bernardo Transit Center).

My planned route was to head out from the house to the nearby main road (Rancho Bernardo and Matinal) – which I knew would be a tough hill climb in my current condition (I didn’t get a GPS track running on my phone, and the Google terrain map doesn’t have a clear indication of the grade – but it is steep for two- or three-hundred yards).  I then rode down the hill about half-way and turned at Via Tazon thinking, incorrectly, that it would be a flatter ride than staying on RB road.

Of course if I’d been thinking about it, I’d have remembered that the parking lot behind our church is cut into a hill.  And since our church (Green Valley Church) sits at the intersection of RB Road and Via Tazon, I should have realized that there was a hill there.

Unfortunately, I had to walk the bike up about half of the short, steep hill to get to RB road, and then for most of the hill along Via Tazon and West Bernardo Court.  Even with having walked the bike at least half of the way, I was still winded.  In fact I was winded until I’d been on the bus about half-way to work.

I also had a bit of trouble getting the bike under the bus.  The bus on the route I use is more like a Greyhound Bus than most of the non-express city buses, and the bikes go in what would otherwise be the luggage compartment.  I had some help from the other person putting a bike in.

When I got to work, I managed to get the bike out, but didn’t get the compartment door latched (until I noticed the bus stopping a bit further down the road).

I’ve pretty much decided I’ll walk to the bus station at least until I’m in better shape.  But now I’m left with the choice of what to do with my bike – which is sitting in my office at the moment (one advantage of a real office – I don’t have to find a bike rack in a location that mostly has bike lockers).  I could take it back home today, riding and walking it.  Or I could wait until Friday when I’ll have to drive (Doctor’s Appointment), and take it home then.  The drawback with Friday is that I’ll have to head to Old Town after work so I can take the trolley down to The Gaslamp to pick up my nephew at the end of the Boy Choir Tour – he’s staying with us for a few days while the rest of the choir including his parents and brother return to Albuquerque.  Having my bike in the car will leave less space for luggage.

I’ve also concluded – at least if I can trust Google’s terrain information – that I’d be better off taking RB Road all the way to West Bernardo Drive (not Court, they are different roads).  The 600′ contour line crosses that route more times, but it doesn’t top out any higher.  For returning home, I can actually cut into my neighborhood in a way that should keep me at or near the 600′ line for even more of the ride (or walk).  (Similarly, if their information is accurate, the highest point of my route this morning was not at RB and Matinal like I’d thought, but along West Bernardo Court – probably near the almost hidden Radison hotel.


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