RonO (rono_60103) wrote,

Assorted Quickies

1: It has been pointed out to me in comments to two different copies of my post yesterday (one on Live Journal and one on Facebook) that there have been previous English language translations of Solaris.  But they were not direct translations from the Polish, but passed through a second language.  This makes it fairly unlikely that it will be accepted for Best Novel next year.  The BDP debate could still happen, alas.

2: For those in the San Diego area who might not have seen the couple of times I’ve shared the Facebook event, The Albuquerque Boy Choir will be in concert tonight (Wednesday June 8, 2011) at 7:00 PM in Encinitas.

They will be performing at:

Bethlehem Lutheran Church
925 Balour Dr
Encinitas, CA

3: Last night was not what I’d planned.  I had planned on coming home and having a quiet evening of catching up on shows on the DVR or Netflix.  But, when started my car at the bus station, I noticed the low tire pressure warning.  I partially dismissed this (figuring I could wait until I got home and could use the working tire pressure gauge and fill up the low tire), until I started to back out.  Something didn’t feel or sound right.  Sure enough my left-front tire was quite flat.

I started to change the tire. I dug out the (doughnut) spare, tire iron and jack from the compartment hidden under the back end {where I found some things I’ve been missing and the tool that has been rolling around since I had work done in 2008}.  I then got the owner’s manual to find the jack point.  But when I got to the first step (loosen the lug nuts), my strength wasn’t up to the task.  So, I relented and called AAA.

I had to wait for a bout 30 minutes for AAA.  When they arrived I was glad to see that they didn’t have to send a full tow-truck for a tire change.  Instead the towing company has a truck equipped to handle tire changes and dead batteries.

After I got the spare on (OK, I let the professional do it), I headed home to eat then turned around and headed to Costco for new tires.  After ordering and paying for the tires, I got a call from Costco – they could not reuse the tire stems which have the pressure sensor, and that shop (Carmel Mountain Ranch) didn’t have any in stock.  So I had to get a refund and then head down to the Poway Costco to get the work done.  It was nearly the 8:30 closing when I got to the second Costco, so I ended up sitting in the waiting area instead of browsing (less interesting, but less costly as well – as evidenced by one of the verses in The Roper’s “Apology”).  It was also well after nine when I got home – i.e. bed time.

4: For my friends in (nearly the all of) the rest of the country – I really and hardily apologize for our weather.   I just hope that this isn’t turning into a repeat of last summer when we were unseasonably cool all summer, and everyone else was unseasonably hot.  (OK, this is a bit of a back-handed gloat; but it is one of the reasons that some P.R. person in the past labeled this as “America’s Finest City.”)


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