RonO (rono_60103) wrote,

The Rest of Westercon

After my last travel/con report post (the one before my “Lessons Learned” post), I finished the half-day at work with a meeting on where my project will be going (one of a series of meetings).  After that, I was able to head out.

Since I needed to stop for lunch, I doubled back to a not-as-easy to reach shopping center just north (probably officially east) of US-101 near the office (between Great America Parkway and the exit) where I looked at a couple of places before deciding on getting a salad at a Wrap place.

I then headed to the airport to return the car – which is much easier to do in the daylight without traffic than in traffic after dark.  I got the car checked in and cleaned out and headed for the bus stop to where I’d get the free shuttle to the VTA light rail.  While waiting for the bus, a Southwest Airlines gate or ticket agent noticed my shirt (Offworld Designs Doctor Who venn diagram) and admitted to having watched much Doctor Who from as early as it was available in this country.

The light rail ride was fairly pleasant and quick.  When I got off the train, I was able to quickly walk to the hotel and head inside.  I headed up to our room and exchanged my work stuff (backback mostly) for my con badge, stopped at the nearby con suite for some water and headed downstairs.  I ended up borrowing a dolly from con ops and finding Alison so that we could bring the box with all of the San Diego fliers up to the table and set it up.  As it turned out since Alison needed to do her own concert promotion, Tara and I pretty much set up the table, and then spent an hour or two at the table talking up both the San Diego cons and the √66 bid.

Eventually, we determined that we needed dinner before setting up for the party, so we headed to our room, and then on to Pita Pit where we got dinner, and made a quick stop through the Marketplace by Safeway nearby before heading up to the room to set up the party.

The party went pretty well.  We did have a couple of people unable to figure out the 6:60pm start time (mundanely 7:00).  We were well attended, and many people took our buttons – many more or less officially pre-supporting the bid.  As we expected most of our pre-supports were $0.44 over the official price.

As it turned out, the party ran about twice the posted length before we had run (mostly) out of food and drink, and were down to a small enough attendance to shut the door and visit other parties.  We spent some time in the Spokane party (we know many of the key players in that Worldcon bid), including stopping by the Granzilla’s and Portland Westercon bids’ parties.

Saturday was a fairly quiet day for most of it.  I did a fair amount of talking, some shopping, and poked around at a couple of other things.  At this moment the only thing I’m sure I went to was the Bhonhoff’s concert.

After site selection balloting had closed, Tara and I joined the counting party (I had double excuse since I suspect that our bid might have gotten a few votes – albiet no first place votes – and as next year’s site selection administrator) where we got a front row seat and served at least in part as additional neutral parties for the count.  As is well known, the Granzilla’s un-filed bid won in the final total by 1 vote, which meant that the issue would be decided during the business meeting.

We remained in the room as Kevin Standlee in his role as chair of the business meeting was called, and the decisions were made to make the announcement before and after the masquerade, and that Sharon (site selection administrator)  would make the announcement before the event, and Kevin Standlee afterwards – Kevin Roche who was the MC could not make the announcement since he was also a key part of the Granzillas bid.

We then followed the party down to the masquerade, took up our seats in the audience and enjoyed the show.  After the masquerade, Tara and I tried to get shakes but found Peggy Sue’s closed (having given up on Johnny Rockets before the count when they couldn’t even take our order).  In the end, I grabbed another sandwich at Pita Pit (I was now hungry) and we followed up with yogurt from the place next door.

Sunday morning, I went to the Westercon 65 meeting, where I reinforced and confirmed my decision that my role as next year’s site selection admin had greatly increased to include a good sized dose of voter education and get out the vote.

Then I went to the marathon business meeting (about three hours by the clock, but it sure seemed longer).  It was frustrating even from my position.  Personally, I’m probably most frustrated by the fact that someone instantly moved to close debate before officially taking up the Portland bid.  I had planned on getting up in favor of the Portland bid.

The results of the meeting should be well known to anyone who cares, so I won’t detail them here.

I did some shopping on Sunday and ended up with a copy of Carcassone – which now I’ll have to find time to play (and convince Tara to play with me).

The highlight of the day, however, had to be the Girl Genius radio plays.  As much fun as most of the cast clearly had, it was quite obvious from the audience that the sound effects person – Victor Fogilo – was having the most fun.

Monday was a pretty typical last day of con.  We had to get out of our room, which slowed the morning down a bit.  But it was mostly a quiet day, and the only event I ended up at was closing ceremonies.

After closing, I headed over to the art show where I helped tear down the panels, bundle the supports and then load the truck.  By the time I was done loading the truck, I decided that the Fairmont does have a sauna – but since it doubles as their loading dock, it is not normally available to people.  (It is an indoor dock, and where the truck was parked was around the corner from the exit, so it was as warm and humid as outside – but without any breeze).

Tara and I then spent some time at the dead dog consuming too many Girl Scout cookies – the con suite had scored a large quantity of otherwise unsold (I’m sure) Girl Scout cookies, and had not run anywhere near through the lot, before heading for the airport.

Our trip to the airport, and wait were uneventful – other than the fact that we were plenty early and the airport was hot.  Our flight was smooth and arrived a bit early.  However, since the most popular fireworks in and around San Diego are the ones on San Diego Bay, there was a lot of traffic on Harbor Drive and nearby, which made it difficult for the parking lot shuttles to get back and forth.  Taxies and other off-airport transport appeared to be similarly impacted.  As a result it was about midnight when we got home to a cat who would not leave us – mostly Tara – alone all night.


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