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Last week during Comic-Con, I had some mostly-idle thoughts related to the story I’ve been playing with off and on (more off than on) for the last 9 or 10 months, and my writing in general.  I’ve realized that when I write I can usually do OK with dialog and not so well with descriptive text – either scenery, or action.   Influenced, no doubt, by soaking in a comic-heavy environment {even with the strong media presence, Comic-Con still remains a comic-book convention at heart}, it occurred to me that one way I could resolve this problem would be to partner with an artist who could take the dialog (which I’d rewrite into more script form) and produce matching artwork.

Of course since the story is high-fantasy (it started as a D&D campaign I had nobody to run through), the artwork would probably suite me better if it was of a more “western” style.  I’d also have to get enough of the story figured out to actually hand stuff over to the illustrator.

Then, entirely independently, my brain last night took parts of a dream and tried to fashion it into something that might almost work as a plot for a movie.  Set in 1986, we have a group of college age nerds (SF fans, role-players, war-gamers etc. – probably all of the above for most of them) who end up involved in a Cold War crisis.

What I finally came up with is that the characters include the “black sheep” son of an old-money family who takes his friends to Europe on his family’s yacht.  For some reason, they end up hacking into a Soviet sattelte and replacing the regular broadcast with a sketch from an SNL type program, which ends up taunting the KGB or GRU into kidnapping them and forcing them into a test of knowledge and whits (i.e. a high-stakes trivia contest).

As usual, in the light of day I’m seeing some basic plot problems, but I would suspect that if I really were a writer I could probably resolve some of them into a workable idea.

One thing that kept coming into my mind was that you would need to remind 21st century audiences about the global political climate in the mid-1980′s at the beginning.  One idea that occurred to me would be to borrow from the Star Wars movies and have a crawl explaining the situation.  But I’m sure there would be more effective and less cliché way to do this.

But, when all is said and done, I suspect that real life and my talent limitations will keep both of these ideas from going much further.


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