RonO (rono_60103) wrote,

It Must be August 27

Once again my facebook wall is full of birthday greetings – so it must be August 27.  Thank you all for the greetings and wishes – and I should extend wishes to Kevin Standlee who shares my birthday (or at least does most years).

I’ve had a pretty good day.  Tara and The Kid took me to Cheesecake Factory for lunch.  Other than, probably, being overcharged for The Kid’s lunch it was good.  We got our deserts to go, spent a bit of time at The Container Store then headed to the final regular Conjecture meeting.

Things are not too bad, but we’ve got a few concerns.  Biggest are the number of registrations (which is down from last year two weeks out) and the number of hotel room nights.  We have a couple of other rough patches, but I think we’ll get past those.  (I have to head out later for to work on one of these)

After that we headed home, ate our deserts.  I’ve got a few minutes of downtime before heading back out.  Except I’ve got stuff to do in the downtime.



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