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Day in a Chair – Part 1

October is US National Disability Awareness Month.  As part of that Qualcomm and HeadNorth  is sponsoring a “Day in a Chair” event on Qualcomm’s San Diego campus (and others).  I have agreed to participate for 8 hours today.

I’ll be making periodic reports on my progress and experiences here – and will probably produce a summary to share with the DIAC team.

I got the chair about 8:15-8:30 this morning, and shortly faced my first big challenges – getting around and using the bathroom.

Getting around was something I was somewhat prepared for.  This morning I grabbed a set of work gloves (not ideal, but I don’t have bike gloves), and a belt pouch.  But I still hadn’t anticipated how I’d deal with carrying stuff.  Twice I dropped my water bottle before I realized I could tuck it in behind me.

The bathroom was a bigger challenge.  I fear I failed slightly in there – I am pretty sure I was using my legs at least a bit getting in and out of the chair.  This is not helped by the fact that the rental chairs have arms, so I have to get up and over those.  My out of balance upper and lower body (I have much more strength in my legs than arms as any time I’m rock climbing will show) made this harder.

At least I had thought to go ahead of time enough that I wasn’t in a real hur.

Now I’m back in the lab, and have already given a co-worker (who tore his Achilles Tendon a few weeks back and is on crutches) a brief explanation of the program – OK I cheated again, and handed him the “Talking Points” card.

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